Top 10 Platforms for Investing in P2P?

Do you want to get started in P2P lending but do not know which platforms to invest? Or are you just looking for reliable platforms to diversify your investments?

You are in the right place. We present to you our pick of the top 10 most trusted crowdfunding platforms for peer-to-peer investing. Discover them without further delay.


Launched in 2015, it is the leading financial marketplace in the crowdfunding market in Europe. This international platform gives you instant access to thousands of loans of all types in over 60 countries. Mintos stands out for its features that facilitate investments and the protection afforded to investors through its guarantees, as well as its high returns.


Cashare dominates the Swiss crowdfunding market and ranks among the giants of Europe. For a minimum of CHF 100, the Swiss platform allows you to invest in personal loans, business loans and real estate loans paid on a scale of 3.9 to 9.9% gross.


Founded in 2008, this British platform has forged a solid reputation among European investors. It offers a savings model called Go & Grow where you can invest in unsecured consumer loans with returns capped at 6.75%.

Funding circle

Founded in 2010, Funding Circle specializes in business loans. It is based in the UK, but also operates in Holland, Germany and the USA. The platform allows investors to lend directly to companies and SMEs.

Investments start at a minimum of € 100. The returns are set according to the risks specific to each project, but remain within the average of 7.4%


October is one of the French leaders in P2P lending. It is an IFP approved by the ACPR and registered in the ORIAS register.

The platform allows private and institutional lenders to invest in a variety of loans including business loans, personal loans, government guaranteed loans, etc. The yields vary from 2 to 9% depending on the type of loan.


Founded in 2014, crowdestate mainly offers real estate loans, as well as business loans and mortgages.

You can start investing from a minimum of € 100 and get an average return of around 15%. In addition, you have the possibility to create several investment accounts for personal or professional use, to benefit from an Auto Invest feature and above all to invest free of charge.


With Fastinvest, you are called upon to invest in consumer loans with a return on investment of up to 18%. It is a platform to add to your list if you are looking for a reliable alternative to Mintos for this type of loan. Like the latter, Fastinvest secures your investments by guarantees of non-reimbursement and investment redemption in particular.


It is an ideal platform for high-yield real estate crowdfunding investments, with a small budget and less risk. Indeed, real estate loans on Estateguru offer an average ROI of 11.45%. You can invest in it with a minimum capital of 50 € and most of the loans are backed by a mortgage.


Created in 2017, it is a relatively young platform that has something to appeal to individuals wishing to borrow or invest in short and long term consumer loans. The minimum capital required is € 10 per loan and returns fluctuate between 10 to 13% annually.


With Viventor, you will be able to diversify your portfolio by investing in consumer loans, business loans, home loans and leasing. For a minimum of € 10, the platform promises an annual gain of up to 16%, as well as a guarantee of payment and redemption in the event of default or delay by the borrower.

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