Top 10 Sites to Watch Movies Streaming

Finding a good video on demand platform where you can watch your favorite movie can be a real challenge! Indeed, there is a very large amount of streaming sites on the internet, and their number continues to grow every day.

To make it easier for you and to ensure that you always find a site with the movies you are looking for, we present this ranking of the 10 best sites to watch streaming movies.

Grandpa Streaming

For Internet users of all ages, PapyStreaming broadcasts video content from films and series of all categories. It hosts a large collection of films that has won the hearts of many and ranks it at the top of our selection.

Regarding the interface, PapyStreaming is flawless and easy to use even for grandpa and grandma. The site is available at and you need to create your free account to watch or download your movies in HD.

Download zone

Streaming Site Download Area

By name, the message is clear! Zone-telechargement is a popular site leader in the field of downloading video content on the web. It offers all-inclusive films and series, in all formats (Blu-ray, DVD, BDRIP, etc.), in original versions (VO) and subtitled in French (VOSTFR).

In terms of entertainment, Download Zone offers a good experience with its regularly updated collection so as not to miss any new features. Check it out at


Streaming site Film 01stream

Essentially dedicated to movies, Film01stream is a site that offers very good quality videos for children and adults for free. There is no subscription required and you can also download your favorite movies to different servers and in various versions.

This site often has the advantage of holding exclusivity on certain films, which has greatly contributed to its notoriety. Connect via the link


Streamcomplet streaming site

Drama, horror, adventure, romance, fiction, etc., streamcomplet is full of reserves to offer you exceptional adventures in the world of world cinema. The movies are listed by category and you also have the most viewed movies section.

However, you cannot download movies. But the very diverse content and the quality of the images are well worth the detour. It is also one of the trendy sites of the moment. Visit it via the link

View Movies

Streaming site Voirfilm

Yes, voirfilms is back on the web! After a moment of inaccessibility, the site is again available with content that is still as captivating and varied. In addition, the site is one of the first to have new films and sometimes it even offers you exclusivity.

The voirfilms platform is very dynamic and easy to use. You can search movies by genre, title, or year of release. The collection is extensive and available here

HD Streamiz

Streamiz HD streaming site

Watching movies in streaming unlimited and for free is the best part of HD Streamiz. The films are of high resolution and listed by category, year and according to the opinions and ratings of previous visitors, in order to keep you abreast of the films that animate the web.

On streamiz HD, you are also offered a brief synopsis of the film before watching it. Thus avoiding wasted time. The site can be accessed at

FilmZ Streaming

FilmZ streaming site

What is striking about FilmZ-Streaming is the absence of films offered at reception. Which suggests that it is aimed at connoisseurs, in this case young people. FilmZ Streaming shares a database with big cinema companies like Netflix, Box-Offices, IMDB to offer you diversified and better quality content in VF and VOSTFR.

To watch, no registration or subscription is required, but downloads are not possible. Connect via the link.

Film Streaming1

Streaming Site Streaming01

Available at, film streaming1 is an unlimited and free streaming movie viewing site. This platform offers you the most watched films of the season and sometimes even exclusively.

To view, it’s simple and easy. Choose a movie, any one, according to your preferences or follow a suggestion from the platform and you may even be surprised at the discoveries. Films are provided with a summary to give you an idea of ​​the plot.

Unlimited Streaming

Streaming Site Unlimited Streaming

It is a meticulously designed site that offers movies and series of all kinds. On its home interface, there are 2 sections (films and series), each containing videos organized by genre and year.

Unlimited Streaming offers movies released from the 90s to the present day. Each film has a synopsis and several servers to watch it without having to register. It is not possible to download videos. For movies, go to


Cinemay streaming site

When we go to, we are immediately captivated by the design. From animes, to normal movies, whether old or recent, CineMay guarantees you beautiful moments of relaxation in front of your favorite films.

On CineMay, movies are playable on multiple servers with interesting resolutions, but you need to create or sign in to an account. Downloads are not allowed because the content is hosted on third party platforms.

Am I legal when watching streams?

In France like most countries, watching or broadcasting streaming media is a legal activity in the full sense of the word. However, not all sites are in compliance with the law on streaming. Some, or better yet, a lot of streaming sites do not purchase the copyright to the content they broadcast.

You will easily recognize them by their sudden unavailability, sometimes for long periods. They are in fact the subject of legal proceedings.

Alternative to these different sites to watch streamings legally

If you are looking for 100% legal streaming sites, note that there are some safe alternatives to avoid questionable sites for you.

These are renowned and legal platforms where you can watch your movies unlimited, for an affordable monthly subscription. We are talking about sites like Disney +, Amazon Prime, Netflix, OCS,…, to name just a few.

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