Top 10 Sites to Watch Movies Streaming

With the proliferation of streaming platforms, you have difficulty finding reliable sites on which to watch your films in the best possible conditions?

Do not worry ! Today we unveil our Top 10 best streaming sites to watch movies for free and unlimited. You will also discover some suggested legal alternatives, in order to allow you to enjoy streaming legally, far from hassle.


Well known to streaming enthusiasts, Papystreaming is one of the oldest and famous French streaming platforms. The reputation of the site lies as much in the richness of its catalog as the quality of the content.

Papystreaming indeed references most of the latest cinematic soties, as well as a wide selection of films of all kinds. In addition, you will find sections dedicated to TV and animated series available in VF and VOSTFR. The site is free and the videos are generally of good quality.

In addition, the reading time on the site is unlimited and the absence of unwanted advertising allows a simple and pleasant browsing experience.

Download zone

Web page streaming site download area

A pioneer in the field of online downloads, this site has proven itself in terms of free streaming. Today it ranks among the best in its class and has inspired the creation of many such popular platforms as Extreme-Download.

Zone-telechargement is both a DDL (direct download by link) and streaming site. On this platform, you can watch all your favorite movies for free, unlimited and without advertising. You can also download them from direct links offered by the site and store them on your terminal for later viewing. In addition to films, the site’s directory also offers series, manga, documentaries, music, software, video games and many other content.


Streaming web page 01film

The platform offers you to watch all the best movies of the moment, as well as most of the latest releases in VF / VOSTFR and in full version. No registration is required, as the site is completely free and has no limit on playing time on videos mostly offered in HD format.

The web interface remains simple and fluid enough to facilitate navigation. On the home page you have a content classification in 3 sections: Featured movies, Most viewed, and Top IMDb top rated movies.


Page web site streaming Stream Complet

It is a young streaming platform that has stood out and made itself appreciated by Internet users in a relatively short time. The site impresses with the extent of the catalog it offers. We’re talking about one of the largest selections of films available online. That is more than 6,700 films spread over around 13 different categories that you can watch for free and unlimited.

View Movies

Streaming site web page Watch Film

This free streaming platform is a bit similar to StreamComplet. However, it is given a much larger dimension, since in addition to the rich selection of films available here, you also have an interesting section dedicated to series. The twenty categories available include action, science fiction, horror, TV movies, Western, Thriller, fantasy, etc.

HD Streamiz

Streamiz streaming site web page

On Streamiz HD you can watch full movies in high definition streaming. This 100% free platform is regularly updated and offers the last new cinemas of the year published until the current date. In addition, the contents are available in VF or VOSTFR and there is no limit in playing time. Finally we stay on a rather simple web interface with a side menu offering a classification of films by genre, by year and according to IMDB trends.

FilmZ Streaming

Webstreaming page film

This platform marks a clear option for quality. Here you can watch your content in HD, Full HD and even 4K. The catalog is not left out. As the site’s database is updated with platforms like Netflix, IMDb and Box-Office among others, you can therefore benefit from all the latest movie releases for free and unlimited.

Streaming Movies 1

Streaming website web page film streaming1

As with Streamiz HD, this platform is more focused on novelty. Indeed, it gives you access to the most recent cinema and box office releases, as well as a significant selection of popular films in different categories (drama, action, fantasy, comedy, animated mystery; etc.). Another advantage of the site is the free and good quality of the videos. Here, no need to register. The site is 100% French, the films are complete and in HD resolution.

Unlimited Streaming

Unlimited streaming website web page

Full films constitute the bulk of the streaming offer of this French platform. But it also offers you all kinds of TV series. All of the content is free to watch, in HD quality and without time limit, with some advertising.


cinemay streaming site web page

On this streaming site, you can easily find the best of TV movies and series. No account or subscription is required to enjoy the platform. Access to CineMay is free and the content can be viewed unlimited. Updated with Netflix and IMDB, the platform offers videos in HDTV, Full HD and 4K UHD.

Am I illegal when I watch streams?

The answer to this question is not so clear-cut and calls for some nuance. Indeed, streaming as a mode of broadcasting audiovisual content online is in itself a normal activity.

The legality or illegality of this practice will depend above all on the conformity of the content and the nature of the platforms from which it is broadcast or viewed.

In short, if you look at illegal sites (like the ones featured above) that stream pirated content, without permission or copyright clearance, then it is clear that you would be in the midst of illegal streaming.

Alternatives to these different sites to watch streaming legally

Do you want to watch your content legally and out of trouble? Be aware that there are many legal alternatives offering solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. These are mainly legal streaming platforms, the most famous of which are represented by giants such as:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney +
  • OCS
  • Google Play Movie…

Access to these services is generally conditioned by registration and subscription to subscriptions, generally accessible at a relatively affordable cost, of the order of 5 to 10 € / month for basic packages.

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