Top 10 Streaming Sites to Watch a Movie

It seems that it’s getting harder and harder to find sites to watch quality, uninterrupted streaming movies. To avoid spending hours looking for the streaming site without landing on a 404 error or while the links are functional. Here is a list of streaming sites where you can watch as many movies as you want.

A site where you can find all the new releases, you shouldn’t expect the last movie released in theaters to be of extraordinary quality, but just like on all streaming sites.

However, there are still the films of the current year. On the home page you will find the latest additions. On the top of the home page you have a menu, if you decide to click on one of the tabs, a new page will open and you will access a dedicated site, for series, animated films or downloads.

On the right you have another menu, which allows you to select the category of movie you want to watch, there is something for all genres and all moods of the moment. When you have selected the film you want to watch you find the different readers at the top of the page and at the heart of the page you can read a summary before launching into viewing.


Site 01 streaming

A site where you can find films and series. It is rather simple in appearance, but very intuitive, you will not get lost while searching for a movie. The search can be done by year, gender or even by alphabet if you have a vague memory of the name but not entirely.

But before that when you select the movie category, you have like on many other sites, the latest additions. The little extra is that the quality of the 720p HD video, HDrip, Bdrip, DVDrip is indicated, which gives you an idea of ​​what you are going to view.

Once the film has been selected, you will directly find a player. But you have the possibility to change it as you wish, the tabs are just above. You can choose the version of the film VO, VF, VOST,… if they are available.


StreamComplet Streaming Site

A site that highlights the Blockbuster of movie releases. The posters of the film as well as the name allowing to choose and you will be able to notice below that there is the number of visualization. The different categories of films are directly integrated into the menu at the top of the page.

On the right of the page you have a ranking of the most watched films during the current month, with the number of views. This site is in 100% French version, so you will not be able to polish your English with it.

When you have selected the movie, there are multiple players to choose from and unlike other sites, they are not named. Other films of the same genre are available at the bottom of the page and on the right, always the bar with the most watched films for the month.

View Movies

Streaming Site VoirFilms

A home page rather well stocked with the box office at the top of the page, followed by the latest streaming and movies added. On the right you will find a menu to classify the films by genre and once again the latest additions.

Once on the category of movies, you can sort them by title, year, genre and even according to the desired player. The quality of the video is emphasized, so there is no surprise when launching it.

Usually you have about 20 possible readers, so it’s very unlikely that you won’t be able to watch the movie you want. However, you should know that to be able to watch a film on this platform you must register.


Papystreaming Streaming Site

One of the most reputable streaming sites and a lot of talk about it because it often sees itself changing links. In the main menu you have the highlighting of the cinema release dates. And on the right you can choose your movie by genre category.

As on many sites, the latest additions are highlighted, but what changes is that you can see the length of each film, as well as the theatrical release date.

Once the film has been chosen, you first have a presentation of it, with a summary, the actors present, the directors,… On the other hand you have no choice of the reader and to view the entire film you have to register, which is done quickly and free of charge.

HD Streamiz

Streamiz HD Streaming Site

There is no menu on the right column, in the main menu at the top of the page you can sort the movies by genre, year, rating, trend or Top IMDb. There is also the choice to do a search with the first letter of the alphabet.

Before choosing the movie, you can see the rating that the users gave, the quality of the video, as well as the name of the movie and a picture, which can convince a lot of people.

When you have chosen the movie, you have a reminder of the synopsis, the movie category, the duration. If there are different players they are offered under the video, you can also see the number of views. At the bottom of the page several films of the same genre are shown, if you wish to continue your evening.


FilmZ Streaming Site

A site with a rather messy reception, but where you can find all the films you want. On this home page, you will find the box offices, the latest series additions, the most watched films and series, the latest additions to the site are found at the bottom of the page.

By going directly to the movie category, you will have the recently released movies in video quality. On the right you can use the menu to select a category. Or one choice per year if you prefer.

After choosing the film, be careful there is a first video player, it is not on this one that you have to click, go down further and you will have a new player, on which you will have to close an advertisement. Below it you will have the choice of different viewing platforms, to fall for sure, on a link that works.

Film Streaming 1

Streaming Site Film Streaming 1

In the foreground on the reception, you have the Top streaming movies of the year in VF. You have a drop-down menu, with which it is possible to classify by year of release. Further down you have all the streaming movies available and finally you have a preview of the next movie additions as well as their release date.

On each visual, you with the year of release, as well as the genre. If the film is not of good visual or audio quality, it is indicated so as not to have any surprises once selected. Moreover if the film is not in French version, once again it is said.

When you have made your choice, you go directly to the video and you can browse the different players, download it or indicate if there is a problem. The movie information is at the bottom and you can add a note by clicking on the green or red button depending on your feelings.

Unlimited Streaming

Streaming Site Unlimited Streaming

On the home page, the films and series are mixed, but you can refine the choice by clicking on the red “Filter” banner. You can then choose the year, quality, genre, nationality, you can even search by director or production.

On the menu at the top of the page, you can choose the “Old Movies” category if you wish, and again the genre and year to refine the search. On the image of the film you can simply find the quality of it.

Once above you have the video and below the different possible players. On the right you will find a ranking of the best films with an appreciation percentage. And below you will find a list of similar films that you might like.


CineMay Streaming Site

A rather simple architecture, with the highlighting of the latest films added. Then you can find two categories of films, actions and animated. In the main menu you can search by genre.

Once the movie is selected, you will need to choose the player you want to play the video with by clicking HD. In addition, if the small acronym HD, is not indicated on the image of the film, it means that the links are dead.

However, there is no indication of the sound and visual quality of the video, so it is best to give it a try. At the bottom of the page you will find a selection of films corresponding to the same genre.

Is It Legal To Watch Streaming?

You have the right to watch movies in streaming, what is illegal is to upload this content, because streaming sites do not have copyright.

It is always better to turn to legal streaming sites, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Rather than papystreaming, zone-telechargement, voirfilms, …

Streaming also take advantage of legal and free offers

In addition to streaming sites, where there is a lot of illegal content because it does not own the copyright, there are streaming sites offering media available for free access. This is the case for Kubweb, a French site, launched in 2017. On this platform, you can consult a wide range of cultural documentaries, clips, animated films, fictions, web series, portraits, archives.

What differentiates Kubweb from other available platforms is that it is supported by the Brittany region as well as the State, for a “Breton audiovisual project”, with the aim of strengthening the Breton audiovisual sector. In order to support the project and help the owners to feed the site, you can make donations, but you can also join the project by paying a contribution of 10 €, you can find out more here.

In addition to its safety, it is very easy to use, you just have to select the desired category, between documentaries, clips, fictions, web-creation, documentaries and many others and consult them what you want . We have introduced you to Kubweb, which shows that sites offering legal and free streamings exist. So do not hesitate to do some research to find this type of site, which offers content legally.

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