Top 3 Best Remote Control Cars for Girls

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We usually buy remote control cars but generally for boys and it is not uncommon for girls to take their brother’s car as a toy with it. This is why we have selected for you the best models of remote control cars for girls.

The different models of remote control cars for girls?

Do not forget that the color pink does not mean that it is a specific toy for girls and vice versa for blue and green colors. But if your daughter is particularly keen on having a pink remote control car, that is in her honor and it is of course possible. Here are 3 remote control car models for girls.

The 4 × 4 all-terrain remote control car from Exost

On the technical side, it has a range of 30 meters, works with two batteries and can travel up to 8 km / h. This car is accompanied by a remote control that works with radio frequencies. The little extra of this remote control car is that it has a removable shell.

Disney Minnie Remote Control Radio Car

Disney Minnie Remote Control Car

It will be difficult not to fall for this convertible, dressed in a small bow at the front and driven by Minnie. It will still be necessary to wait until the child is over 18 months old, to take advantage of this car.

Remote control car, Moon for girl pink color

Exost Remote control car for girl pink

Its shape and its anti-shock body allow it to do pirouettes and to be protected against all the obstacles that could block its way. It can be remote-controlled for a distance of about 25 meters, which leaves a rather wide field of action.

How to choose a remote control car for girls?

There isn’t really a how-to guide at this level, it will depend on your budget tastes and how the car is going to be used. Your taste will determine the design of the car, usage will determine horsepower and capacity and price will be the final point in choosing the car.

Why offer a remote control car?

Girl or boy, every child enjoys playing with this type of toy, regardless of the shape and color. They gain dexterity by learning to operate the remote control and have the feeling of being real racing drivers.

A remote-controlled car for girls is therefore an ideal toy and one that is sure to please. The young girl will be touched by the fact that it is especially for her at the sight of the colors and if she has brothers who already have one, they will be able to go shopping.

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