Top 5 Best Chinese Sites for Always Cheaper Shopping!

Chinese e-commerce sites are renowned and popular for their competitive prices on catalogs of products of all kinds. But with the proliferation of these platforms, it is not very obvious for you to distinguish which ones are reliable and ideal to make your purchases cheaply and safely.

This is why we have taken care to select the reference and most famous stores for you. Discover without delay our top 5 of the best Chinese sites to benefit from always cheaper purchases.

Aliexpress – The Giant where you can find everything

Aliexpress is arguably one of the most popular online shopping platforms in the world. Created in 2010, the site is attached to the famous Alibaba group and sits in the ranking of the Chinese leader in e-commerce. The platform works according to the marketplace system. It is home to one of the largest groups of shops in the world, offering attractive prices on millions of products.

Aliexpress therefore does not directly market the products presented in its catalog. The site essentially serves as a networking platform between potential buyers and sellers, producers, local companies based in China. Its mission is to allow traders, professionals and individuals around the world, to benefit from the competitive prices of the Chinese market wherever they are.

The fame of Aliexpress lies as much in the richness of its catalog of items as in the attractive prices at which they are sold. Here, we find almost all the categories of products available on the market: electronics, high-tech, fashion and clothing, household appliances, articles for home, gardening or animals, etc. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, reseller or individual, you will certainly find the opportunity to do good business on the Aliexpress site.

Shein – Fashion at an unbeatable price

Shein Chinese clothing store homepage

It is an ideal site for fashion fans and enthusiasts or anyone who wants to afford fashion items at great prices. Shein is a clothing sales platform specially dedicated to women’s fashion. You will therefore find mainly articles for women, but also a children’s section and a (recent) selection of products for men.

Do you want to keep a chic, trendy look or stay fashionable without necessarily breaking the bank? On Shein, you will certainly find something to please you. Here you have access to one of the largest catalogs of clothing and fashion accessories available online under various categories including: dresses, evening wear, blouses, swimwear, t-shirt, bags, shoes and jewelry, etc.

Of course, we remain on the most competitive rates. You can also take advantage of exclusive promotions and flash sales with up to 80% off your purchases through the free Shein app, as well as relatively low shipping costs.

Gearbest – High-tech at a low price

Chinese tech site Gearbest home page

It is the benchmark Chinese platform for purchasing technological products at a lower cost. Launched in 2013, the site specializes in the sale of high-tech devices and accessories from Chinese manufacturers. Gearbest is known and appreciated for making accessible to buyers from all over the world the products of the biggest Chinese brands, retailers, and start-ups of the electronics like Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Dji, Asus etc.

On Gearbest you can easily and inexpensively find consumer electronics, computers, mobile phones and computer products, smartphones and tablets, TV Boxes, video games, watches and other connected devices, 3D printers, projectors , robot cleaners, electric scooters, Camera, Bluetooth headsets, wireless headphones, Wi-Fi repeaters and many more. In addition, by purchasing via the Gearbest app, you benefit from promotions and discounts that are often inaccessible on the website.

Zaful – From clothes to accessories, everything is there

Zaful Chinese ready-to-wear website homepage

Founded in 2016, Zaful is a relatively new and emerging site among online shopping platforms. The site also specializes in fashion and related products. From clothes to accessories, you will find almost everything there and for all styles: dresses, tank tops, lingerie, sweaters, jeans, sportswear …

A little comparable to the Shein site, it differs from the latter by its more competitive prices, its many bonuses, as well as the quality of the relatively better items on the store if we stick to the opinions of most of its customers. .

In addition to the attractive prices, on Zaful you can count in addition 15% reduction on your purchases as a new member, promotions up to 80% reduction, flash sales on items under 1 €, free deliveries all over the world and many more benefits. Zaful therefore wants to be a partner of choice to afford inexpensive fashion items and accessories.

Romwe – Online fashion at low prices

Chinese Romwe website homepage

The international leader in online clothing sales, Romwe can be seen as the Chinese equivalent of European fashion giant Zalando. The site wants to be even more competitive than Zaful and Shein in the same category of products.

On Romwe, you can discover all the latest fashion trends, as well as a very large collection of clothes (T-shirts, dresses, sweatshirts, jumpsuits, bags, jewelry shoes… at the best price. platform is available through a free app offering a more simple and convenient shopping experience, as well as many benefits and special offers.

How to ensure the quality of the desired product?

Chinese e-commerce platforms do not always stand out for the quality of the products sold in their stores. While the prices are generally very attractive, it unfortunately happens that many careless buyers get ripped off or are disappointed by the purchase of poor quality products.

To avoid such inconvenience, here are some tips that you should observe to check the quality of the products purchased on these platforms:

  • Be sure to read the description, full specifications, look at the images and warranties offered for the products requested.
  • Check the seniority and reputation of the seller or that of the store offering the product.
  • Always remember to scrutinize and trust the various opinions, comments and ratings left by other buyers on the products that interest you.
  • Avoid prices that are too attractive or abnormally low, because such offers often hide unpleasant surprises or poor quality products.
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