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Radio is an asset in local communication which is very popular today, especially for commercial purposes. According to a French newspaper, more than 9 out of 10 business executives listen to the radio on average for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The problem is that today, by throwing advertisements all day long, it becomes very boring, especially for the 55.3% of French people who listen to the radio for musical purposes.

Fed up with all those radio ads? Want an ad-free radio for your entertainment? It’s possible ! Find out here 5 of the hottest radios today that are absolutely ad-free.

Ida Radio, the ad-free webradio for you

Ida is a very trendy radio station, which appeared very recently in June 2016. It is indeed a webradio, that is to say it is accessible online, via a dedicated website. Ida is an essentially musical webradio devoid of advertising to soften your morals.

Ida radio ensures you a stable balance between musical genres: so everyone will find something there! With its repertoire of more than 6000 titles, you have nothing to be bored. Lovers of jazz, classical music, hip hop, English pop, rock, Beatles fan, or others, you will be served.

Each week, the music playlist is enriched with dozens of recently released titles or old ones discovered. The music is interspersed with small jingles and poems for your pleasure; again no ads. Ida radio is available 24 hours a day every day.

FIP, the souvenir radio without advertising

FIP is a musical radio station which is part of the Radio France group like RFI. Its advent dates back quite a long time in decades past, which is why it is best known to adults in their thirties. However, FIP is just as trendy among teenagers. Not too much publicity and blah, just enough not to annoy you.

The musical genres are very varied: you have rock, reggae, jazz, groove, world music, electronic music, the great French classics, etc … In short, everything is there to guarantee your satisfaction!

France Musique, great progress underway

France Musique is also a radio station of the Radio France group, opened in 1954 under the name of “frequency modulation musical program”. It will become France Musique in 1999. Recognized above all as a specialist in contemporary music, it has experienced enormous progress and succeeded in captivating many more classical music lovers.

France Musique offers you fascinating programs and shows that you can follow in podcast, that is to say that you can download and watch at your leisure, without any advertising burst.

Maxi France, the 100% French radio station

Maxi France is a radio station of the Radio13 group devoted exclusively to French music. Maxi France is a daily trip programmed just for you, with the great French hits from the 80s to the present day, without any advertising. Chic on Maxi France is the “kitsch” moment, the surprise title of the week to give you even more good humor!

Radio moo

It is a French freelance webradio devoid of advertising, created in 2007 by Philippe Thévenet. She is in 2016, the 6e The most listened to Internet radio station in France and called the “favorite radio station of the English”. Radio meuh is 100% hip hop, soul and electro music. Radio meuh also guarantees you surprises to spice up your musical experience on the radio!

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