Top 5 Best Sushi Chains, To Really Enjoy!

Gastronomy is an art which varies from one country to another. Indeed, each country has its own unique culinary identity. The land of the rising sun has won the hearts of many with its traditional dish, Sushi. It is a dish made mostly of rice and other ingredients. Although this dish is typically local, there are Japanese restaurants on other continents that cook it. Find here the top 5 of the best sushi chains to please you!

Sushi side, the purists

Man holding a platter of sushi, makis

Lovers of Japanese gastronomy can feast at Côté sushi. No need to travel to the country Hanaya Yohei to taste the excellent sushi. In fact, Côté sushi is a brand created in 2012 in France. This Japanese restaurant chain is established all over France and has 4 shops throughout Belgium.

In addition, it is possible to have the sushi delivered to your home for better comfort. Take advantage of Côté Sushi promo codes for a price reduction. Full of surprises await you with Côté sushi.

Planet Sushi, those who advocate good health

Fall in love with healthy and above all quality cuisine. Although sushi requires special knowledge in the field, care must be taken to eat healthy. A team of professionals provides you with sushi dishes prepared with the greatest care while respecting hygienic rules.

The rice and the other ingredients are chosen with finesse. Indeed, Planet sushi does not just cook just any rice. Local rice is cooked in their pot for better sushi taste. So, eating at Planet Sushi is undoubtedly eating healthy.

Sushi Shop, one of the pillars

Person catching sushi and maki with red wooden chopstick and small soy cup

Sushi was quite foreign to Canadians. It was only after the opening of the sushi shop restaurant chain that the dish became a big hit in this region. Indeed, sushi shop is a restaurant chain that has established itself in the world of Japanese gastronomy in Canada.

Sushi shop is a benchmark in Canada and has allowed this dish to be known beyond Japanese borders. So enjoy a better experience with one of the mainstays of sushi in Canada.

Eat sushi, the innovators

Preparing sushi has become quite classic. It is for this reason that Eat sushi offers inspired Japanese cuisine. Indeed, it is not enough to cook a sushi dish, but to show imagination and above all innovation. These innovators of Japanese cuisine have won the hearts of more than one by combining creativity and ingenuity.

Technologically, Eat Sushi sets itself apart from these competitors by offering an Android app for your orders. It is the first restaurant chain to set up a mobile application. Very inspired, Eat sushi stands out from its competitors by offering both services and dishes out of the ordinary.

Matsuri, much more than sushi

Sushi platter with different flavors

Matsuri is a Japanese restaurant chain offering sushi and many other Japanese specialties. The chain has maintained its authenticity since 1986, by deciding to eat there, you can take advantage of the original concept of a revolving counter. Also called sushi bar, it is a concept that attracts and appeals more and more, which has allowed Matsuri to develop and settle in many cities in France.

All you have to do is sit down, order what you want and the various sushi masters present in the establishment will prepare your sushi before your eyes. Going to Matsuri is wanting to take advantage of conviviality and a concept that is still not widely used in France.

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