Top 5 Electric Car Circuits

Loved by boys and girls, racetracks are fun toys that are all the rage with little ones (and adults).

Looking for the best electric car circuits for your kids? We have identified and selected them for you!

Mario kart 8 Carrera GO !!! at the Wave Racer Mega Looping x3, we unveil our top 5 electric car circuits that will delight any child who is passionate about racing and speed.

N ° 1 – Carrera Go !!! Mario Kart, bring out the video game

The Carrera Go !!! Mario Kart lets your kids have fun in exciting car racing duels with their heroes Mario and Luigi.

The Carrera circuit has a 4.9 m long track. It is strewn with obstacles with curved lines, crossings, loops and many parts to vary the challenges and build your circuit according to your desires.

The set comes with 2 1:43 scale Mario and Luigi miniature cars as well as 2 throttles with turbo button for even more fun.

N ° 2 – Carrera GO !!! Speed ​​Grip

With its Formula 1 cars Ferrari and Mercedes, its track over 5 meters long and its many challenges, the Speed ​​Grip Carrera Go circuit !!! enough to guarantee long hours of fun for your children.

They are called upon to test their abilities by trying to keep their racing car on the track. They must show skill to overcome technical obstacles such as crossings, loops, tight turns and lines at very high speeds.

N ° 3 – Carrera GO !!! Disney pixars cars

Your child finds his two Disney Pixar heroes Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm in a frenzied racing game. The duel takes place on a challenging 6.2 m long circuit with several high speed curves, a looping, a fly over and digital chicanes.

The set is supplied with 2 Flash McQueen and Jackson Storm miniature cars as well as 2 levers with turbo speed button for more adrenaline. Recommended for children from 6 years old, the circuit works with 4 type C batteries not included.

N ° 4 – Ninco Grand Track Circuit Slot 2 track the big race

The Ninco Grand Track is the car circuit that will make your child passionate about GT racing happy. The set comes with 2 realistic and super fast Auto R8 GT3 cars in 1:32 scale.

Your child will have fun organizing races on wide tracks 6.60 meters long. With more than 29 fully modular tracks to integrate its circuit, your toddler will not tire of his toy anytime soon.

Easy to assemble, the circuit works on electrical power so that your child can have fun as long as possible.

N ° 5 – WAVE RACERS – Mega Looping Car Circuit x3

It is a car circuit intended for children from 6 years old with 83 parts easy to assemble and infinitely configurable. Supplied with 2 miniature cars, it has a wide track, tight turns and 3 360 ° loops.

The modularity of the tracks offers many configuration possibilities with the addition of new tracks from the Wave Racers collection. This allows your child to free his imagination to develop his game and create unique racing scenarios.

How to choose a car circuit?

The many models of circuits available on the market are not likely to facilitate the purchase of this very popular toy for toddlers. To choose the ideal small car electrical system for your toddler, at least relevant criteria must be considered. Especially :

  • Your child’s age which determines the level of complexity of the appropriate circuit
  • The size of the play area available in your home
  • The feeding mode
  • Quality and robustness
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