Top 5 gift ideas for a music lover

A birthday is approaching and you have no gift idea, you can always base it on what you know about the person. Come to think of it you remember your friend loves music, so head for some music themed gifts.

A subscription to a music platform

Everyone has a phone or a computer, and rare are those who don’t listen to music. So why not offer your friend a subscription to a music platform, like Shopify, Deezer or even Amazon Prime Music and Apple Music.

It might turn out that the person has already subscribed to such a streaming service and maybe even has the premium subscription, but you could give them a few months free. It is an attention that is always pleasant, because the music accompanies everyone throughout the day, while working, at home quietly and to play sports and music.

An original and decorative music box

What a beautiful intention a music box, but those presented on, are unique and original. They are made of wood, you have to snap it manually and it emits a nice melody that you will choose from different models.

Another special feature of these boxes is that the melody emitted comes straight from the movie or his favorite series of the person who will receive the music box. But that’s not all, there are some beautiful bright models with a transparent ball and an engraving inside.

A subscription to a music magazine

When we love music, we like to have the latest news from this universe. This is why offering a subscription to a specialist music magazine may be the ideal gift. There are several very famous and popular.

  • A subscription to Magic RPM, is the modern pop magazine, for a cost of 49 € per year, you will receive 6 issues. He mainly talks about artists who don’t necessarily appear in the big news, it’s the way to discover new musicians.
  • A subscription to the Audimat Review, for 20 € per year, you will receive two magazines. A complete magazine with musical subjects covered in full.

Books about his favorite singers and bands

The person likes to read, in addition to loving music, give him a book on this topic. A biography on a singer or a group, documentation, a history on the world of music, the instruments, the choices are varied.

Give him a box set on the musical style that your friend appreciates, there are very beautiful books that will certainly make him happy. It is a gift coming out of the usual gifts, it is an original idea and attentive to the tastes of your friend.

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