Top 5 Gold Coins That You Absolutely Must Keep and Resell in 5 Years!

In the past, gold coins were proof of greatness and significant purchasing power. Over time, their value hasn’t really diminished. They have become collector’s items and can bring in a lot of money. Some are absolutely to keep for better profitability. Here are the top 5 pieces to keep and sell in a few years!

The Napoleon Gold 20 francs

Napoleon 20 francs gold coin

The Napoleon 20 francs is a French gold coin which served as a reference during the Second Empire for the common monetary system between France, Italy, Switzerland and Belgium. It was struck 85,466,540 times from 1861 to 1870.

It is a 21 mm diameter coin, weighing 6.45 g and which contains 5.80664 grams of pure gold. It turned out then that these parts were neglected and many of them were melted down.

Now rare, these pieces are highly coveted by collectors. The value of just one of them today is around 300 euros. In a few years, there is no doubt that its cost will have increased.

The Latin Union gold coin

Latin Union Gold Coin

Before the creation of Europe, there was the Latin Union which brought together France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and then Greece a few years later. Latin Union coins were minted 28,641,000 times from 1816 to 1923 depending on the country.

Each of them struck their own coins with the effigy of their king and his coat of arms. However, they all had a diameter of 21 mm for a weight of 6.45 grams. The Latin Union was one of the most popular coin models at this time.

A gold coin from this period is currently worth approximately 320 euros. There is also an ever increasing trend in the cost of these parts. This suggests that in a few years, they will be very expensive.

The 10 guilder gold coin

10 Florins Gold Coin

This gold coin was minted between 1875 and 1933, 12,286,067 times. It was in the effigy of King William then of Queen Wilhelmina when she ascended to the throne. This coin was the currency of the Netherlands for a long time, so it was issued in four different coin designs.

Thus, the effigy on the coins is different depending on the period to which it belonged. A 10 guilder gold coin weighs approximately 6.72 grams for a diameter of 22 mm. Nowadays, their value is almost 400 euros and keeps growing.

It is therefore interesting to keep these parts to resell them much later. The older they are, the more their purchase price increases.

The 20 Reichsmarks gold coin

20 Reichsmarks Gold Coin

The 20 Reichsmarks gold coin was the sole currency of the German Empire upon the accession of Kaiser William I and Chancellor Otto Bismarck. It was minted from 1871 to 1915. It was 22.5 mm in diameter and weighed 7.97 grams.

This is a good investment coin, because already a gold coin is worth close to 400 euros. However, it will be necessary to take care to assess it before the sale. Indeed, each independent German state struck the coin with a different effigy. Some coins are therefore rarer and are therefore more expensive than others.

The 20 francs gold coin Tunisia

20 Francs gold coin Tunisia

This coin has the same characteristics as the Napoléon d’or 20 francs, it was struck between 1891 and 1928. It was created after the takeover of Tunisia by France. It is therefore a piece that allowed France to establish its dominance.

There were several models and all were minted in Europe. Today these coins are of great value and are quite rare having been minted only 3,036,730 times. Today they have a value almost reaching 320 euros.

Investing in these different gold coins is therefore a good way to preserve your wealth.

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