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If you are interested in investing or if you want to get started in investing, you must surely ask yourself what are the best investments to make.

First and foremost, you should know that there aren’t really any good or bad investments per se. It all depends on your goals and the means you can put into play, whether in real estate or in stocks.

Rental real estate

It must be said that real estate is one of the investments that increase in value over time. As a result, you can be reassured to receive the benefits in the long term, especially since there is a very good risk / reward ratio. In addition, loan rates are very low, which makes investments in rental property very profitable.

Still, even though it is very profitable, before embarking on rental property it is important for you to know what you plan to do well after the rental phase. Knowing beforehand, for example, whether you are going to sell it later or take it back to live there is important.

Life insurance

Life insurance is an investment that Europeans are crazy about. It is simply an insurance contract signed with an insurer at the end of which a capital or an annuity is given to a designated beneficiary (in the event of death) or to yourself (if you are still alive. ).

It is a particularly interesting investment if you want, for example, to ensure your retirement, launch a project after the contract period or even provide financial means for your descendants. This somewhat plays the role of saving you over the long term.


Still called crowdfunding, it is a method of financing by individuals. Through this method, you have the possibility of financing projects that you find profitable or in which you have always wanted to invest. The most important thing here is to properly evaluate the projects for which you want to invest in order to obtain the best profitability.

A very important piece of advice is not to put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your investments without investing large sums in them.

The scholarship

Tables of figures from stock exchanges

The stock market remains an investment that the world will always remember despite the 2012 crisis. The stock market has therefore become very expensive, but nevertheless remains a very profitable investment in the long term.

Here, you invest in a real economy in order to develop companies but also, the more shares you have the more your income is important in the long term. To this end, it would be necessary to choose well in which sector and which company to invest.

Securities accounts / PEA

PEAs are securities accounts that have many tax advantages, which differentiates them from ordinary securities accounts (CTO) where income and associated capital gains are taxed at a certain rate.

Since 2018, the equity market has been booming across Europe. Therefore, if you have a PEA or a CTO, it is time to use it or create one to quickly take a position in the financial markets that are already taking place.

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