Top 5 of the Best Personal Loan Platforms?

Crowdlending platforms are multiplying but not all are equal. Because the security of his investment is at stake, opting for legal and reliable platforms is an obligation for any investor concerned with preserving and making profitable his investments.

So what are the best P2P lending sites? The ranking gives Mintos, Cashare, Bondora, Funding Circle and October among the top 5 P2P platforms.

Focus on these leaders in peer-to-peer lending.

Mintos, for its popularity

Undoubtedly the most popular platform, Mintos is the leader in the European equity loan market. Launched in 2015, the company has no less than 20 loan originators and deploys its services to individuals in more than 70 countries around the world.

The specificity of Mintos lies in the solutions put in place to secure investments and limit the risk of loss. Most loans are mortgage backed and backed by a non-repayment and / or buy-back guarantee. From € 10 minimum you can invest in a variety of P2P loans.

Cashare, a Swiss platform

Firmly established in Switzerland, the platform also excels in participatory loans on a European scale. With Cashare you benefit from direct access to individuals and businesses to which you grant your loans and can expect low volatility returns ranging from 3.9 to 9.9%. In return, the site charges a fixed fee of 0.75% of the amount of your loans per year.

As with Mintos, some loans can be secured by a mortgage. The investment starts from a minimum of CHF 100 and you can diversify your portfolio by investing in a multitude of private loans, SMEs and real estate loans.

Bondora, good advice

The platform intends to help you build up solid and profitable savings through its Go and Grow savings system. You will invest in consumer loans with a maximum return of 6.75%. The only downside is that your investments are not covered by any guarantee on this platform.

Created in the aftermath of the great crisis of 2008, Bondora has gradually established itself among the leader in equity lending in Europe. With more than 157,000 investors, a financing capitalization of more than 417 million and more than 51 million euros paid back in interest, the platform enjoys great financial stability.

Funding circle, turn business

Funding Circle is the UK Crowdlending giant that allows you to invest in small business loans and turnaround loans for a return peaking at 7.4%.

Investments are possible from € 100 minimum but are not covered by any guarantee of reimbursement or redemption for the most part. Listed on the stock exchange since 2018, the platform has more than 100,000 companies financed for more than 11.5 billion pounds loaned.

October, very popular in France

October is the leading platform on the French peer-to-peer loan market. It allows you to invest in conventional loans, business loans, business loans and government guaranteed loans (PGEs).

The returns are relatively low compared to other platforms (2 to 9%). However, your investments benefit from greater security. The site holds a crowdfunding intermediary license and is registered in the ORIAS register.

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