Top Best Apps to Track Football on Android and Iphone

Don’t have time to follow the games of your favorite teams? Do not panic, there are many applications to follow all the football news live on a smartphone. Here is our selection of the best applications available on Android and Iphone!


Onefootball allows you to follow live all the teams and competitions of the football planet and their news: scores, statistics, transfers, rumors, key dates and even TV Guide to know where to watch the matches.

It is also possible to receive alerts without having to open the application, by setting the notifications according to the information you want to receive. With Onefootball, your favorite team will have no secrets for you.

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FIFA also has its official app. On it you can discover the latest news from national and international competitions with photos, videos, player interviews, reports and summaries exclusive to the platform.

To personalize your experience with the FIFA app, you can also receive real-time alerts for your favorite teams and competitions.

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The team

The famous sports daily is now exported to smartphones with a dedicated Android application. It offers to follow the matches and the results of the competitions live with the possibility of receiving notifications of the latest news.

Even more interesting, the application allows you to follow live and replay the programs of the television channel of the Team. An interesting alternative to the other applications in the selection if you want to follow other sports (rugby, tennis, basketball…), in addition to football of course.

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Forza Football

Forza Football is an application for following live match scores, player statistics and the latest news from your favorite teams and competitions. Along with the others, the possibility of push notifications for highlights.

Its originality in the face of competition lies in its community space, allowing it to respond to surveys and discuss with other users. A social network for football fans in a way!

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For sports betting lovers, the Pronosoft application is your ideal pocket companion to allow you to efficiently prepare your predictions before completing your Loto Foot 7 & 15 grids or making 1N2 bets on ParionsSport.

The application offers to consult the lists and official odds of players and matches, in addition to giving the opinion of bookmakers on the subject. Finally, since the last version of Pronosoft, you can validate your games with Flashcodes.

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As a bonus, other apps to try

There are many applications for following football on an Android smartphone or iPhone. Even if they have characteristics similar to those of our selection, we can also mention:

Foot Mercato

An application allowing to follow the football news and having a community function.


An application that relays football news, with the transfer window, results, analyzes …


An application to keep informed of the latest sporting events, with predictions and results.

What are the benefits of these applications in the end?

The main advantage of these applications to follow football on a smartphone is to be able to stay informed about football news from anywhere and anytime.

While on the go, if you don’t have the time to follow all the matches in real time or the possibility of consulting sports sites on a computer, your smartphone will therefore keep you informed of the latest news live.

The ability to receive push notifications enhances the usefulness of the applications to not miss any information about your favorite team. Whether available on Android or iOS, a dedicated application will thus be your best daily companion to satisfy your passion for football!

Which of these applications to choose?

To make your choice which application to use for follow football on your smartphone, you need to take into account the features they offer and differentiate them from the competition.

Our choice is Onefootball which we find to be the most complete and easy to use, but Forza Football, which offers to communicate with a community of football fans, is not very far in our heart either. !

Finally, Pronosoft is an application that is interesting to have in addition to another to prepare forecasts. However, it is mainly aimed at sports betting enthusiasts of course.

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