TP-Link Powerline TL-PA9025P KIT – Home Multi-TV Service – Review & Test

The TL-PA9025P Powerline Kit from TP-LINK is the ideal solution for you to enjoy a powerful Multi-TV service at home. Ergonomic, practical and simple to use, it provides a very high speed internet connection to all your electronic devices. Below is our video test of the functionality of the TP-LINK CPL socket.

Video Review and Test of TP-Link Powerline Plugs

Where to buy your TL-PA9025P Powerline Plug Kit?

More information about the TP-Link Socket Set

Very practical, the TL-PA9025P Powerline socket kit uses your home electrical circuit to broadcast a very high speed internet connection throughout your home. You get a maximum powerline speed of 2000Mbps, ideal for 4K streaming and latency-free online gaming. This is thanks to its 2X2 MIMO technology managing simultaneous connections (thus guaranteeing you greater stability and better throughput), as well as its Beamforming technology for optimal network coverage in all your rooms.

It is also equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports as a secure and ultra-fast wired network, ideal for connecting your smart TV, PC, NAS or your game console. Simple to use, the TP-LINK socket does not require any configuration. All you need to do is plug the PLCs into an outlet and connect all your devices to it using the Ethernet cords provided.

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