Travel idea: A cruise in Antarctica

Traveling to Antarctica offers you a picturesque and unique landscape. You will inevitably be seduced by its magnificent ice caps as well as the animal diversity shown by this unique continent. You have the opportunity to take advantage of this deep sea cruise for wildlife observation. These group cruises will allow you to appreciate nature and animals at your own pace. With all its characteristics, Antarctica will make you dream especially with its beautiful memories, here are some places to absolutely visit!

Iconic cruise in Antarctica.

A dream place for painting and scientific experiments. You will inevitably cross the famous Drake Passage which will lead you directly to the Antarctic Peninsula. You will admire the beauty of the spectacle of the long mountain ranges which are in reality only a continuation of the Andes cordillera. The Antarctic cruise is a unique opportunity to discover the Antarctic Polar Circle. You can also enjoy the tranquility of Graham’s Land, where sea birds, albatrosses and petrels will greet you with great beating of garlic and soaring flights above your heads.

Visit the Antarctic Peninsula

You can invest in a small group organized cruise for the modest sum of 5,400 euros for ten days. Antarctica has the lowest temperatures in the world and offers you sumptuous panoramas between Ushuaia and the Antarctic Peninsula. You will have a wonderful time observing penguins and seals. It will also be an opportunity for you to appreciate the South Pole and its whales during the journey.

It is a magnificent region of 4.2 million km – in summer which offers a delightful spectacle and a favorable research environment for scientists. This expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula is a real boon to appreciate the ecological diversity. It should be noted that in winter, the surface area doubles due to the freezing of the surrounding seas which are around the continent.

Go on Safari in Antarctica

You can treat yourself to a little trip to the kingdom of penguins, by helicopter or by boat on the Weddell Sea for 9,100 euros. This is the opportunity for you to appreciate the iridescent auroras and bluish reflections of this region. You will certainly like to meet this fauna made up of mammals just as huge as each other. You will be able to see fur seals and blue whales. You will also have the opportunity to meet orcas and sperm whales.

This region has a truly impressive array of animal species such as emperor penguins, elephant seals or even humpback whales which are the pride of this region.

A tailor-made trip to the Antarctic Peninsula and the Arctic Circle
You can enjoy a tailor-made cruise on the banks of the Austral and the Boréal. You can thus discover South Georgia and the Shetland Islands. It is truly exhilarating moments to pass over this great whitish panorama. You can spend unforgettable moments at Cape Horn and Punta Arenas for amounts ranging from 9,860 euros to 9,500 euros.

Cruise through the Ross Sea

For an amount of 15,950 euros including tax, you can cross the Ross Sea. This dream itinerary allows you to leave Ushuaia for New Zealand via Invercargill. This expedition offers you the opportunity to leave the south of the Antarctic Peninsula to go to Peter I Iceland. You can also enjoy places like Drake.

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