Trendy manicure colors 2019-2020 – nail art trends

Almost all women like to dress up, indulge themselves, regularly renew their hairstyle and, of course, keep track of their nails to create a new manicure.

Any version of nail art should not only look beautiful, but also in harmony with your style, the image created, reflect the latest fashion trends in general.

Fashionable nail design undoubtedly embodies the general fashion trends of one season or another, because all representatives of the beauty industry work with the same goal: to create, in the first place, images topical, complete and exclusive for women, including clothing, hairstyle and hairstyle, nail art, shoes and accessories, make-up.

When preparing the new image, choosing the right colors, both for clothing and other areas of beauty, is an important factor. Today Nail Art Studio presents the most fashionable color manicure 2019-2020, which will be relevant in one way or another for the spring-summer and fall-winter seasons. Fashion trends in the colors and shades of nail design are closely related to the current shades of the color spectrum, which are popular in clothing. New colors are announced each year by the Pantone Color Institute, a global authority on color communication. The verdict of this influential organization undoubtedly affects the trendy colors of manicure 2019-2020.

According to experts in the coming seasons, the most fashionable colors in clothes, and as a result, the color of the manicure is red (tomato and chili), rich purple, barely purple, lilac, yellow and its brown tones , green and lime, dark blue, white, black and beige, sky blue.

Despite the verdict of professionals in color manicure 2019-2020, you define yourself, because only you are the main creator of your style. Beautiful nail design is represented by a variety of colors and ideas that reflect the trends in color on the nails.

Fashionable manicure colors 2019-2020: purple, lilac – trends

Without a doubt, the first color worthy of attention will be ultraviolet. Fashionable colored manicure will help to create excellent examples of evening design in combination with different decorative elements and a large number of other colors, for example, green, yellow, orange, black, pink, etc.

Although the purple color of the manicure is more relevant for the autumn-winter season, professionals unanimously state that the purple manicure in various combinations will be relevant in the spring and summer. Not only the intense purple will attract the attention of fashionistas. Also in honor of shades of purple, especially lilac, which will help create more delicate variations of nail art.

Manicure in red and burgundy shades 2019-2020

The still relevant red is a nail art classic that has admired women around the world for many years. Red short and long nails conquer with amazing design, chic decor, gorgeous shades, especially chili and tomato.

Another wonderful color manicure 2019-2020 – burgundy. Shades – wine, cherry will help create a beautiful, elegant nail design, in harmony with rhinestones, sparkles, light and dark tones.

Nail Art Colors 2019-2020: Pink Splendor – Trends

Another fashionable colored manicure, which is presented in the spring-summer season in several colors, is pink. Pink manicure colors will delight with light shades, amaze with spectacular saturated and bright tones. A combination of pink with other tones of the color spectrum will create different variations of mood on your nails.

Color trends in nail design 2019-2020: yellow, lime, orange

Summer season is here, which means yellow, orange and lime nail polish hues will become one of the favorites of bright, multi-colored manicurists. Manicure colors, presented by nature, will be a boon for French spring-summer, lunar, ombré, beautiful ornate example.

Complement these bright shades of lacquer with contrasting or rough combinations, experimenting with a design with geometric elements, designs of fruits and flowers, openwork patterns, etc.

Gorgeous dark colored manicure 2019-2020 – trends

In the autumn-winter season, the best colors for manicure 2019-2020 are dark. They can be presented in black, deep blue, chocolate, gray lacquer, which have an extremely matte or shiny appearance to create unique nail art for a special occasion and for every day.

These manicure shades in tandem with light and pastel tones look pretty and stylish. Luxuriously and unforgettable, you can achieve these classic nail polishes in harmony with red, shades of green and other colors, making spectacular variations for nails of different shapes.

Green and blue manicure trends 2019-2020

A manicure of green color is considered universal, since green shades of varnish are so diverse that every season a perfect color is obtained. Dark green is the preserve of the fall-winter months. But in warm sunny weather, look at turquoise, light green mint. Green can be both the basic tone and complement the design of nails of other colors in the technique of gradient, “cat’s eye”, color block, manicure with rubbing. etc.

The manicure in blue color was recognized as one of the best of the next season. It can be decorated with flowers and openwork patterns, draw on a sky blue background pattern in a specific theme, decorate blue nails with large and small pebbles, glitter and special powder.

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