Trésor X Sunken Gold The Pirate Ship an Extraordinary Ship

Pirate and treasure games are among the most popular games for children. The Treasure X Sunken Gold is a recently released pirate game that is gaining traction. What to know about this awesome game?

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The Treasure X Sunken Gold game is a plastic game representing a sublime pirate ship full of countless surprises. It has indeed many hiding places as well as all the arsenal that a real pirate ship has. It takes place through 25 levels, each equally interesting.

All of the levels revolve around a main objective. It’s about the rescue of the ship’s captain and the recovery of the treasure buried in the bowels of the Kraken. To do this, the player will have to perform the following exploits.

Unravel all the mysteries of the ship

It is essential for the player to achieve the main objective of the game without having traveled the whole ship and collecting the necessary weapons.

Confront enemy pirates

Using the weapons collected, the player will be able to face enemy pirates just as formidable as each other. The latter are represented through figurines that accompany the ship.

Defeat the Kraken

He will finally have to face the Kraken and defeat it. Gouging out his eyes or stabbing him in the gills is essential for him to die. When defeated, its jaws relax and release the treasure.

In short, The Treasure X Sunken Gold is an entertaining game that any boy would love to play.

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