Tut Tut Bolides the interactive cars that children love

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If you are looking for new interactive toys for your children or the children around you, maybe you have heard of the Tut Tut Bolide from Vtech. If this is not the case, we let you discover our presentation on these toys that children are snapping up!

What is a Tut Tut Bolide?

The Tut Tut Bolide is a brand developed by Vtech and which offers talking, musical and light vehicles for children aged 1 to 5 years.

Thanks to the press of a single illuminated button, your child will discover lights, sounds or melodies that promote his awakening and develop his imagination. Depending on its age, you will have the choice between Tut Tut Bolide individually, in the form of boxes and in different universes ranging from € 9.99 to € 30.99.

Much more than a toy, the Tut Tut Bolide fits perfectly into the development of your children. The little ones will be able to develop their dexterity by touching the buttons and driving their car while the older ones will invent long stories with their cars.

Children’s Favorite Tut Tut Bolides

Each Tut Tut Bolides has a unique first name

By visiting the website, you will see that the Tut Tut Bolide has the characteristic of having a first name which rhymes with its functionality. So you will find Mahé fire engine, Pat the pirate car or Soline pretty sedan.

These first names are used to facilitate the identification of the child towards his toy. In addition, you can personalize it by adding a voice message to give your child’s first name.

Intended for both girls and boys, these Tut Tut Bolides will bring together siblings and promote games with friends. No matter which model you choose, the Tut Tut Bolide features sound and visual effects, 6 melodies and 3 fun songs. Some models have pre-recorded phrases for teaching toddlers new words.

Particularity of Tut Tut Bolides cars

Besides the particularity of the first name associated with the function of the Tut Tut Bolide, we can also notice that the toy has another interesting functionality.

Indeed, to complete the collection of the Tut Tut Bolide, are added the complementary play universes which are interactive and promise to develop the imagination of your children, we will think of the various accessories to add to the game such as storage for cars that children love Tut Tut Bolide garages so much.

Thanks to the interactive dimension, the Tut Tut Bolide reacts to so-called magic play areas and will trigger phrases, sounds or even music. Something to entertain your children for a long time!

The universe of Tut Tut Bolides

Apart from cars, you can also find other universes such as the Tchou Tchou Bolide which therefore offers trains on the same basis as the Tut Tut Bolide. But also remote-controlled Tut Tut Bolides which are aimed at children between 1 year to 5 years old.

Finally, if your children are Disney fans, know that there is a collection featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy focused on the age group 1 to 3 years. Thus, you have two duo boxes for 23.99 € each, but also interactive universes ranging from 26.99 € to 46.99 €.

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