Unaccessible papystreaming – Change of address, blocking? How to do ?

Since May 2019 Papystreaming is inaccessible, have they changed address, how to access the site even after blocking? It is common for streaming sites to be inaccessible overnight, but owners always find solutions. Here’s how to access Papystreaming despite being blocked.

Where does the blockage in Papystreaming come from?

The blocking is strictly reserved for French territory, it has affected many streaming sites such as Download Zone or Liberty VF and of course Papystreaming. French justice has ordered the various ISPs who are Internet service providers, such as Free, SFR or Bouygues Telecom, to block all access to these streaming sites.

That’s why when you try to go to Papystreaming, you get an error page. But it is not impossible to access it, passing through other addresses or even another country.

Changes to known addresses after blocking

To get around this blockage that has affected many streaming sites, the owners of these sites have created new access addresses. For example to access a new version of the Papystreaming streaming site, you can go to

Passed through a VPN, to pass beyond the censorship

It is possible to go through the mesh and succeed in accessing papystreaming.com anyway. As said above, the blocking is implemented in France and only on French territory. But making your ISP believe that you are not in France can allow you to access this site.

Indeed by using a VPN you will be able to connect via an IP address located elsewhere, the easiest way is to choose a French-speaking country, such as Belgium, Canada or Switzerland, to be able to watch the streams in French. These countries do not have the same legislation regarding streaming, so there is no blocking. Here are the steps to be able to watch streams via a VPN

  • Install VPN software, there are many, but the best known are Nord VPN and Cyberghost
  • Once installed log in or register
  • The software is launched, you must now choose a country of location
  • Go back to papystreaming.com refresh the page
  • You can now watch all the streams you want

What is illegal about streaming?

You can watch streaming without fear, it is not illegal, but it is also not recommended. What is illegal in the eyes of French law is the streaming site itself.

Indeed, the site is put online with content for which the owner of the site is not the owner, he does not have the copyright of the rights holders. These contents are on an external server and then made available to you online, without any authorization.

To avoid any ambiguity, it is best to go through legal streaming sites, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or OCS. You will, of course, have to pay a monthly subscription, but you will have access to a lot of very good quality and legally owned content, because these platforms have paid the copyright.

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