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MMOs, RPGs, MMORTS and other acronyms seem impossible to understand for a neophyte who barely discovers online video games. Still, it’s pretty straightforward. It is enough to translate each acronym correctly and to have a few examples to demystify everything.

MMO (Massively Mutiplayer Online)

MMO is a massively multiplayer online game. More concretely, this means that many players participate at the same time in the game. The acronym therefore corresponds to a game format and is not sufficient to explicitly qualify a video game. There is a wide variety of MMOs!

RPG (Role Playing Game)

RPG is a role-playing game. The player evolves with one (or more) character. The RPG is very popular with players who are never slow to become attached to the character.

In addition, game publishers often plan for character progression in the game, but including in games.


Based on what you just read, what does an MMORPG represent? It is an online role-playing game bringing together a large number of players at the same time.

This is particularly the case with World of Warcraft, one of the most famous video games in the world. The Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert Online or Guild Wars are other MMORPGs that are currently enjoying great success among enthusiasts.

To find everything about the MMORPG universe, you can visit the site https://www.mmorpg.fr.

RTS (Real-Time Strategy)

RTS is a real time strategy game. This means that the players develop their strategy at the same time, unlike a system where each player could take an action in turn.

RTS are very engaging and can be the subject of long campaigns. A game like Age of Empire was loved when it was released and has marked a whole generation of gamers. But today, other titles have taken over.


An MMORTS is therefore a real time strategy game in which many players compete at the same time.

FPS (First-Person Shooter)

FPS is a so-called “first person” shooter. This means that the player does not control a character, he is the character.

In an FPS, the player does not see a character who runs, who jumps… He sees a hand equipped with a weapon which aims then shoots.

The first FPS dates back to the 70s, but the flagship FPS title dates from the 90s and is called Wolfenstein. Since then, sagas like Medal Of Honor have made FPS a popular game mode.

MMOFPS is therefore a first-person shooter that takes place in a game where a lot of players are playing at the same time. This is particularly the case with games like Call of Duty online.

The gamer’s lexicon appears complicated, but once the main acronyms are understood (the list in this article is not exhaustive), it is very easy to understand the universe. To better immerse yourself in it, check out specialized sites like Jeuxvideo.com or other info here, chat with other players and above all, play!

By becoming passionate, you will naturally develop your skills in the world of video games.

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