Unusual ideas to discover Marseille, the Phocaean city!

Whether you live in Marseille or are just passing through, there are different unusual ways to discover Marseille in a different way. Second city in France, it attracts for the beauty and diversity of the landscape, its many treasures, etc. Between land and sea, Marseille allows you to make fun and surprising discoveries.

Urban walk and nomadic meal in the Noailles district

Noailles is not the most famous district of Marseille. However, this living heart of the city of Marseille is one of the places to discover absolutely. The best way to do this is an urban walk with a taste tour.

During your geo-poetic walk, you are transported from shop to shop to discover thousands of flavors, coming from various regions of various countries such as Vietnam, Lebanon, etc. You will be amazed by the visit of this authentic district and your palate pleasantly surprised. This nomadic meal represents an original culinary journey through the flavors of the world.

Picnic in the open sea and under the sun for total serenity

Marseille also offers you the possibility of enjoying the sea and the sun in order to relieve the stress and tensions accumulated on a daily basis. And to find calm and serenity, nothing better than a picnic aboard a boat. All you need to do is book a boat rental in Marseille, pack your lunch and embark on a sea trip lasting several hours.

Weather permitting, you will even have the opportunity to swim and enjoy the relaxing virtues of sea water. While enjoying your lunch, you can at the same time admire the view of the most beautiful sites of the sea. Phocaean city.

Nature in the heart of the city for extreme and sensational activities

Marseille is one of the rare large cities where nature is still present nearby. A large number of natural sites are accessible to the general public. In the Phocaean city, no need to travel a hundred kilometers to recharge your batteries in contact with a revivifying and relaxing nature.

For example, the Aygalades waterfall opens its doors to you every first Sunday of the month. This waterfall of 9 meters constitutes a true peace. You can also go scuba diving off the coast of the Isle of Jarre or the sensational jump 100 meters above the port of Callelongue.

Open-air museum for enriching and entertaining cultural visits

Marseille is not just about the sea and its natural heritage. The city is an open-air museum that allows you to make many cultural visits that will fascinate your eyes and enrich your knowledge. The city of Marseille allows you to take a street art tour.

Guided by a local artist, you visit the many squares and alleys decorated with graffiti and tags in the Panier district. In addition, the fascinating King of Spain pyramid is another idea for an unusual visit. A former family tomb today abandoned, it is a stone pyramid dating from 1804.

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