Uptobox – How to Make my Downloads in 4 steps?

Want to download from Uptobox but don’t know how? Do not worry. Today we are revealing the 4 steps to follow to achieve this easily.

However, we would like to draw your attention to the illegality of this download platform and ideally suggest some alternatives that will allow you to download your files legally.

Step 1 – Start by logging in or creating an account

Downloading from Uptobox does not necessarily require you to be a member of the platform. However, to benefit from certain advantages it may be wise to have a free account or a premium subscription. If you do not yet have a Uptobox account, you can create one quickly from the registration button on the site.

In any case, 3 possibilities are available to you:

  • Download your files in anonymous mode, that is to say without being a member of the site. In this case, your download limit is set at 2 GB of files per day, plus a very slow speed.
  • Sign in as a free member, which allows you to download up to 5 GB of files per day. But the download speed is still limited and advertising remains too.
  • Logging in as a premium user entitles you to all the benefits: no daily download cap, unlimited download speed, as well as the absence of unwanted advertising.

Step 2 – Find what you want to download

You must have a clear idea of ​​the file to download in order to be able to do a keyword search. From your favorite browser, all you have to do is type the exact name of this file.

For more precision, you can write “the name of the file + Uptobox”. Thus, among the results, the link of your file will necessarily appear if it is hosted on the platform. You will then be instantly redirected to the Uptobox page hosting your file.

Step 3 – Locate the download link

Once on the Uptobox download page, you should find the generated download link for your file. It is usually located further down the page. But you have to solve a captcha to unlock it. You can then choose your download mode: Free or Premium by clicking on the corresponding button.

Step 4 – Once the content has downloaded, verify that it is the one you want

To make sure that you downloaded the correct file, or even that it was not corrupted during the operation, it’s very simple. You just have to go to the directory where you saved it and run it with the appropriate program to be sure.

Please note, downloading is illegal: take advantage of the alternatives available to you

Downloading is a completely normal activity under certain conditions. However, it can take an illegal coloring when it is practiced from illegal platforms such as Uptobox which offer pirated content and files for download, without authorization or payment of copyright.

To avoid trouble, know that there are several alternatives allowing you to download your content legally while promoting the works of authors. These include services such as Netflix, Amazon premium video, Google Play-Films, Spotify and many others, with the purchase of a subscription.

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