Using Instagram for the pros: good or bad idea?

While it is true that you can develop your company’s social media strategy via several social networks, you should know that they do not all offer the same guarantees in terms of audience and satisfaction. Indeed, among the number of social networks that exist, and thanks to which you can optimize your visibility, Instagram particularly stands out. Since its creation in 2010, this social network has come a long way, to the point of being essential today, especially for companies. The figures in this direction are also quite striking, and testify to the prominent place that Instagram should occupy in your business communication. What advantages do you have in creating a professional profile on Instagram?

Instagram in a few figures

So that you can appreciate the relevance of theuse of Instagram for your professional activity, we saw fit to rely on a few figures. In 2017, this social network had no less than 800 million users worldwide, against 1 billion in 2019. You will notice the clear increase in the number of users. Better, daily, more than 500 million people connect to it in the world, with an average of 7.3 million French people. On a monthly basis, Instagram records 25 million users who connect from France.

For businesses, these figures are even more evocative. We count in fact 25 million brands and companies to have a professional account on the social network acquired by Facebook in 2012, with an average of 2 million advertisers who share publications to generate an audience. For further, 200 million Instagram users view a business profile every day, and 80% of accounts follow at least one business.

You will undoubtedly have understood, in view of these figures, the strategic importance of Instagram in optimizing your audience, and including your turnover.

The benefits of using Instagram for your business

Instagram is a platform with great potential, especially when you create a professional account there, provided you know how to take advantage of it.

Instagram, a highly popular platform

If Instagram has so many users globally, including businesses and brands as well as individuals, we believe it is because the site understands their needs and therefore provides them with the adapted solutions. Ergonomic, intuitive, the application builds on its popularity, and offers you many features, allowing you to interact with your community. It is precisely for its popularity, and its functional side, that very early on, many companies saw beyond a simple application, a real visibility lever for them and for their activities. So, do not hesitate to use all the relevant strategies to optimize your visibility through this channel, in particular through the purchase of followers for your social networks. It is an excellent way to create an early audience allowing you to highlight your expertise and the interest of your business.

People will then be more inclined to trust you, to join your community, to follow it regularly and to show a growing interest in it.

Benefit from an incomparable engagement rate

We believe that the use of Instagram is relevant for your activity, because it is the social network that records the engagement rate the highest of all. The engagement here is understood as the mentions which approve the posts, the comments, the shares. Internet users are in fact very active there, which allows you to have a community whose engagement would undoubtedly be useful for your ambitions of visibility and notoriety. In addition, the social network offers many tips that can quickly expand your community and arouse the interest of other visitors. We link this advantage to the fact that a good part of the users are young audience, with a strong female presence.

Have a meaningful brand image

Instagram owes its popularity in part to the fact that it is a social network where images and videos take pride of place. Even if they are also present on other platforms, on Instagram, users attach particular importance to visual content, for their quality. For your company, the objective is therefore to regularly publish images and videos of your achievements, your products, your participation in events related to your sector of activity.

The more you publish quality visual content, the more you attract the attention of Internet users, that of your community as a priority. The history of your company, the working techniques of your teams, the pleasant atmosphere that reigns in your premises, are all visual content that you can publish via the Instagram stories. However, we specify that the quality of the images must be essential. If the application itself offers options that allow a perfect rendering of the published photos, you must select them carefully beforehand.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By simply asking yourself if instead of the Internet user, this photo that you are going to publish would hook you.

Be visible through influencer marketing

It is a very popular form of marketing on the social network, and which makes it one of its strengths. Many brands and companies use it, aware of its potential. Influencer marketing consists of calling on reputable influencers, in order to popularize and promote your products and services. This approach is in fact based on the popularity of its influencers, whose name already says a lot about their role. They influence the decision-making of Internet users.

Many influencers from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter among others are present on Instagram. Some have even made it their social network of choice, and are known asinstagrammers. For your presence and visibility on this network, they will undoubtedly be major allies. If your business operates in B2B, the influencer marketing via Instagram is essential for you to develop your reputation.

So, to the question of whether use of Instagram for the pros is a good or a bad idea, it goes without saying that the answer is yes! As a business, it is imperative to have a Instagram professional profile, in order to establish your visibility and increase your turnover.

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