Vaping: Nearly 82% of “heavy smokers” have quit thanks to electronic cigarettes

Since November 1, 2020, the Tobacco Free Month is launched, which is a great collective challenge to encourage as many smokers as possible to quit smoking for 30 days and which has more than 115,690 participants. In this context, a study has been carried out and has shown that vaping is a real smoking cessation tool, if not the best.

The electronic cigarette: the best tool for smoking cessation

The study gathered a sample of smokers made up of more than 6000 participants and it was carried out from July 15 to 28, 2020. To conduct this study, the participants were grouped into 4 categories which are former smokers or vapers, smokers, mixed vapers who smoke classic cigarettes as well as electronic cigarettes as well as exclusive vapers.

The results showed that almost two-thirds of the participants have been smokers for about 10 years. Among them, nearly 70% have successfully quit smoking through the purchase of electronic cigarettes. For “heavy smokers”, that is, those who smoke more than 10 cigarettes per day and over a large number of years, this figure has risen to 82%.

This study has proven the effectiveness of vaping as a real smoking cessation tool, if not the most effective of all. In France, there are more than 3 million vapers and this figure could potentially explain the fact that the country has seen its number of smokers decreased.

Why are electronic cigarettes so popular?

The study that was conducted also analyzed the motivations of vapers. In the context of the Tobacco Free Month, these results can help to better understand the reasons that push smokers to choose a tool for smoking cessation.

According to the results, nearly 49% of vapers believe they have switched from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes for health reasons. Then, about 40% say they use electronic cigarettes as a tool for smoking cessation.

In addition, we can see that vapers want to reduce the level of nicotine contained in e-liquids over time. Indeed, as a general rule, vapers seem to want to reduce or stabilize the amount of nicotine they consume on a daily basis with electronic cigarettes. It is true that the nicotine consumption of vapers who started with less than 6 mg / ml is stable. For those who started at a higher rate, they would have decreased over time.

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