Vinted – What are the Steps to Become a Seller?

Do you want to join the community of Vinted sellers and offer your second hand items to millions of buyers? It’s easy !

Becoming a seller on the platform does not require any particular formality. Just sign up through the Vinted site or app, then add and sell your items for free.

We explain in detail how to become a seller on Vinted, as well as the tips to promote your products and sell them at no cost.

Do I have to start a business to become a seller on Vinted?

You don’t need to start a business or have any status to become a salesperson on this platform. Note that Vinted is a sales platform between individuals that works more like an online garage sale.

Indeed, the articles offered on the site are mainly second-hand. There is therefore no added value to declare, just as it is not necessary to be a professional seller to join the community. Under the terms of the general conditions of use, professionals are also excluded, as are any article or advertisement promoting a commercial activity.

What are the steps to register on Vinted?

Signing up on Vinted is easy. You can do this from the website or through the free downloadable Vinted app.

It all starts with a simple click of the “Register” button. In the next window, you will simply have to fill out the registration form with your personal information and validate it. Finally, confirm your account by e-mail and you are registered on Vinted.

Otherwise you can also register in two clicks by simply linking Vinted to one of your social accounts (Facebook, Google, etc.).

What are the tips for my products to be seen on Vinted?

To showcase your products on Vinted, here are some simple tips that can help you boost their visibility:

  • Take care of your profile, because a completed and personalized profile creates interest in your articles.
  • Photograph your items artistically.
  • Having a nice walk-in closet with interesting and seasonal pieces at fair prices will certainly be your best asset.
  • Be active on the Vinted forums to share your articles and feel free to use hashtags.

How to sell on Vinted without shipping costs?

The only way you can sell free of shipping costs on Vinted is to offer the option of hand delivery. Thus, customers wishing to buy without incurring shipping costs can simply check this delivery option. You will then agree on an appointment with the buyer for the delivery of the item.

How to sell on Vinted by mail?

It is possible to sell on Vinted using the mail. You will then have the choice between a classic delivery with Colissimo or express with Chronopost.

Once you have made your choice, you just need to pack your package well and postage it without leaving your home with the Colissimo service. But you can also go to the nearest post office for the shipment.

In all cases, you will have to pay the shipping costs in advance. They will be refunded to you later by the customer after receipt of his package.

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