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The volleyball season begins, it’s time to buy the right equipment, including the centerpiece, the ball. There are all kinds and brands, but how do you choose the perfect volleyball ball?

Choose the Volleyball Ball according to the Age

You should know that depending on the age, the ball does not weigh the same. This is a criterion much less visible to the naked eye, because despite a changing weight, the size is always the same. In the criteria of the French Volleyball Federation, there are three official weights, which are:

  • For children aged 6 to 9, the standards indicate that the ball must have a weight between 200 and 220 grams, to be valid
  • From 10 years and up to 14 years, the weight is between 230 and 250 grams
  • Finally, and it is the ball that is found more frequently, from the age of 15, the official weight for balls is 260 to 280 grams.

Our recommended children’s volleyball

Our recommended junior volleyball

Our recommended adult volleyball

Consider the Level of Practice when choosing

The second most important criterion in selecting the volleyball is the level of practice. If this is your first days in volleyball, you won’t have the same sensitivity, practice and strength to play, so you will need a more suitable ball.

  • A beginner player should opt for a ball that is both light and a pleasant touch on the ball. These two points will facilitate the learning of this sport.
  • For a confirmed player who will have to play several times a week, it is necessary to choose a resistant ball, which will not wear out after a few weeks.
  • The expert player, you have to choose a ball that will remain stable in the air, with the power of the player, but also a solid and good quality ball.

Cutting the Right Material of the Volleyball

A volleyball is made of 3 different materials: foam, polyurethane, synthetic leather. The foam is more or less developed for different levels of the player. As a beginner, it is necessary to favor a ball with a good layer of foam, very soft, to accustom the arms.

As an intermediate level volleyball player, a synthetic leather ball will be ideal. It will be harder than the foam ball, but will improve the game. This type of ball will allow you to evolve quickly and pass on a higher category ball thereafter.

For an expert level player, choose a ball that is much more developed and studied for professional play. It will be a microfiber synthetic leather ball. The ball will have a dimpled surface, which will give it a thoughtful and precise trajectory.

Which Brand to choose between Molten and Mikasa?

Now that you know how to choose the ball according to your age, your level and the material, you will have to choose a brand. The main ones in the volleyball world are Molten and Mikasa, both of them are well-known brands.

Why choose Mikasa for its volleyball?

Mikasa is a Japanese brand, which is widely used in clubs in France, because they are the official balls in the prop A and B championships. But also in the national championships 1,2 and 3 and the regional / departmental championships. It is a brand that also works for the youngest, by developing balls for young players.

A Molten volleyball ball

The Molten brand is also Japanese, it is renowned for the quality of its products in two numerous practices, including volleyball. They are often used in clubs for training. These are balls designed for the practice of volleyball, from the colors to the material they are perfect for training.

Buy an indoor or beach volleyball ball?

This is certainly not trivial, but you have to know if you plan to use the volleyball indoors or rather outdoors. Indoor and sandy volleyballs are not the same, each one is suitable for its use.

Take the time to check the beach volleyball or room mention on the ball you are going to buy, if you cannot find it, go to a site such as Passion Volley Ball to finalize the purchase and choice of your volleyball ball.

Beach Volleyball

Beach balls will be lighter and have a material much more resistant to different outdoor conditions. The coating will be more flexible and the pressure will be 0.3 to 0.325 bar, with a circumference between 66 and 68 cm. Finally, it is better to opt for lively colors, so that the ball is extremely visible outdoors

The indoor volleyball ball

In order not to lose sight of the ball, it is good to choose a balloon with bright colors, but not fluorescent, it will be more yellow, red, blue, green sometimes accompanied by white. It should weigh between 20 and 280 grams and should have a slightly smaller circumference compared to the beach ball, as it will be between 65 and 67 cm. Finally, the balloon must have a pressure between 0.3 and 0.325 bars.

How to inflate a volleyball?

It is essential that the volleyball ball is properly inflated for quality play. It is therefore necessary to be equipped with a pump to give a little air if necessary. As seen above, for an indoor ball, the pressure must be between 0.3 and 0.325 bars and for a beach volleyball between 0.3 to 0.325 bar.

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