Volleyball shoes – Which basketball to choose for playing? Reviews & Comparison

There is very little sport that is practiced without basketball, for volleyball, you need specific shoes, which are adapted for this sport. There are many models, sometimes difficult to choose, without help. Brands have created models especially for this sport and to suit players perfectly.

Which basketball for volleyball?

To play volleyball, athletes need shoes made for volleyball that are made for the activity. You will have the choice between low shoes and high shoes.

  • Low shoes are lighter and allow the user a lot of freedom of movement
  • Tall shoes have good ankle support, as well as better stability, which is essential when you already have ankle problems.

How to choose your volleyball shoes

You need a specific sole, for good cushioning and good indoor performance during the game. There are many points to consider when choosing and here are some

  • A grippy sole, essential to be stable on its supports, not to slip whenever the opportunity to collect a ball arises
  • Good cushioning, essential for attacking positions, to protect the joints
  • Good ankle support, essential in all sports
  • The appropriate size refer to the size chart so as not to make mistakes when choosing your shoes

Why take suitable shoes for this sport?

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of movement and at the same time to be very stable its supports. Indeed when you are in reception or defense you will have to be ready to recover a ball, it will therefore be necessary to be in motion. However, when making contact with the ball, it is essential to be stable on your supports and to accompany the ball with your upper body and not your feet, to direct the ball.

The players are made to do actions like attacks, a movement that makes them jump to hit the ball and then land on the ground, so as not to feel pain, the sole must absorb the jump, without hurting. Ditto, at the time of service, if it is smashed.

Top 5 best pairs of volleyball sneakers, according to the team

Man’s shoe

For men, the shoes will have subdued colors, usually accompanied by fluorescent touches. They will be black, green or blue. The choice is varied and will suit everyone.

Woman’s shoe

Women will have the choice between colors such as pink, white, but also green and blue, also accompanied by a flashy touch. There are also mixed shoes that can suit all tastes.

Child Shoes

For children, the colors will be similar to those of adults, with adapted sizes. They will tend to have a more important support, because children have more fragile ankles, which must all the more support and protect /

Reference brands for volleyball shoes

Major brands are present in the world of volleyball, Asics and Mizuno. These brands have adapted to this sport, offer a wide range of products for satisfied customers whatever their tastes.

It is since 1977 that Asics has been positioned in the sports shoe market, but also for wearing simply during the day. What differentiates this brand are the materials used in their products, for example, they use betagel in their sole.

It is a gel which contains silicone which is intended to dampen the vibration of the shock emitted at the moment of contact between the foot and the ground during the movements of races and jumping for an attack. This gel is found in the heel, a sensitive and fragile part, but also in the front of the foot for the slenderness movement.

This Japanese equipment manufacturer from Osaka was founded in 1906 by Rihachi Mizuno. They therefore have many years of experience and have been able to evolve over time. Today, it has an important place in the world of volleyball, because it is frequently used by the teams of the FFVB.

They use an Ap + cushioning system, the placement of a rebounding elastomer located in the sole, for better cushioning, more comfort and a quality shoe. A Wave plate, to absorb shock waves in the heel and front of the foot. These are thoughtful shoes for this sport.

A brand very present in ball sports including volleyball. When we look at the shoes recently used by the France team for Euro 2019, we can notice that many players had them on their feet.

Their indoor shoes are highly regarded for their quality as well as their comfort and style. THE technology used in these sneakers boosts performance and improves the level of play during training and matches.

Basket of Team Yavbou, the French Team

Team Yavbou is the team that has revived the image of volleyball in the media, many of us follow them during their match for Euro 2019 and we would all like to have their basketball. Here are just a few of them.

The libero of the France team has chosen

  • Jenia Grebennikov chooses Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2

The smugglers opted for

  • Benjamin Toniutti, Adidas Marquee Boost Low
  • Antoine Brizars, Adidas Dame 5

The sharp ones of the team opt

  • Stephen Boyer, Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2
  • Jean Patry, Asics Sky Elite FF

The central players of the team have chosen

  • Kévin Le Roux, Nike Air Jordan 31 N7
  • Nicolas Le Goff and Barthélémy Chinenyeze have also chosen the Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2
  • Daryl Bultor, Asics Gel Volley Elite FF MT

The volleyball shoes of receivers and forwards

  • Earvin Ngapeth, Adidas Dame 5
  • Julien Lyneel, Nike Air Zoom Hyperace 2
  • Kévin Tillie, Adidas Crazyflight X Mid W
  • Trévor Clévenot, Nike Hyperdunk 2017 Low
  • Thibault Rossard, Adidas Dame 5

How to avoid bad smells in your volleyball shoes

To avoid bad smells, consider airing your shoes, if you can leave them outside until the next game. Otherwise you can use products to mask these odors or even remove them.

  • Volleyball shoe deodorant
  • The premium cleaner for always clean sneakers
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