Volleyball, technical fundamentals for all

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You are already a very good coach, a very good player or simply new to volleyball. You would like to polish your technique or have the basics of this sport. In this book find the basics and many exercises, which you can put in place during your next training.

What is said in this book

As you know volleyball is more and more played in any season. But it is not a sport that you can practice overnight without a foundation or training. It is necessary to have an apprenticeship on the fundamental techniques. This book is ideal for players who want to have a very good technique, with a goal of improving in competition.

In this book you will find all the basics, the serve, the reception, the pass, the attack, the block, the defense or the raise. An analysis and a complete description, accompanied by detailed photos as well as explanations provided by experts.

Each technique has a more important point than others, in “Volleyball, fundamentals for all” they are well put forward with much more detailed explanations. Frequently observed errors are also highlighted, and improvement aids are given to correct these errors.

With this book it will be easy to apply exercises, during personal training or training your team. Exercises are offered, accompanied by detailed diagrams. To learn or improve with this book you will reach your performance goals.

The author has thought of everyone, if the book is in the hands of a youngster, you will find the playful way, with drawings. If you are already more experienced, the explanations are more pointed and detailed.

A word about the author

Corroyer Benoit

Author Benoît Corroyer is not a simple writer. He holds the BEES 2 volleyball, trainer for 15 years. It has a very playful side, thanks to these frequent interventions in the school and federal environment. We can trust her experience, having trained young people, or having been the coach in national competitions or even trainers of executives.

So you can trust the author. There is no longer any doubt about the accessibility and ease of use of “Volleyball, technical fundamentals for all”. Se livre will accompany you during each training session to refine your technique and be better in competition.

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