Warmer or heated gloves to keep your hands warm?

The hands are the first parts of the body to suffer from sharp drops in temperature. To avoid tingling sensations at your fingertips due to the cold, there are heaters and heated gloves. These are products that can be found everywhere in online stores like Shopix.fr or in generalist stores like Carrefour or Décathlon for more sporty models.

Here is a comparison of the two products to help you make your choice with advantages and disadvantages.

Heated gloves to warm your hands

Heated gloves have a network of resistors and electrical wire in the seams, allowing heat to be diffused when powered. Made of insulating material, they prevent heat from escaping and distribute it evenly over the entire surface of the hand.

Benefits of heated gloves

There are two models of heated gloves: stand-alone gloves and gloves to be fitted on a motorcycle. The first category has a portable battery directly sewn into the liner and which recharges from an AC outlet. The second category is for bikers and offers inexhaustible autonomy from the moment the engine is running.

The heated gloves offer on average between 3 and 5 hours of autonomy, depending on the heating power and the action of the outside temperature. It is possible to adjust the temperature produced by the gloves and to see the battery level.

Disadvantages of heated gloves

Stand-alone models can be uncomfortable depending on the size of the battery. The latter can hamper movement in addition to adding extra weight to the hand. In addition, as with any battery, autonomy decreases over time.

Heated gloves installed on a motorcycle, on the other hand, are not mobile. Installed directly on the motor of the motorcycle, you are permanently connected to the latter. The installation can be tedious and it is also necessary that the alternator can produce sufficient power to allow a permanent supply of the gloves.

The heater to warm your hands

The heater is like a small hot water bottle that you slip into gloves, at palm level, to partially warm the hands. Most models are time-limited heaters, which are activated by a chemical reaction or upon contact with free air. There are, however, rechargeable ones, more expensive, which must be immersed in boiling water to recharge them.

Advantages of the heater

With its small format specially designed to be easily transported, the heater has the advantage of adapting to all types of gloves and being used in many activities.

The gloves you use every day fit perfectly with the heater, which is an affordable product, which costs only a handful of euros to purchase.

Disadvantages of the heater

The heater diffuses heat, but only on part of the hand. If your gloves are not insulated you will have a loss and poor distribution of heat outside the point where it is. In addition, you cannot adjust the level of heat emitted, which is on average between 35 ° and 60 ° depending on the product.

If it is cut to fit all kinds of gloves, you may still feel some discomfort in the palm of your hand. Despite its attractive price, the major drawback of the heater remains its single use.

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