Watch Movies to Watch Movies and Series Streaming, a Good Idea?

Today, the easiest way to watch the latest movies or your favorite series for free is to go to a streaming site. The advantage of streaming is that you can watch the video you want at any time.

The trend is no longer to go to the cinema, except for the big blockbusters, but to stay quietly on the sofa watching a series or a movie, which has been downloaded. But those with a good connection prefer to watch it directly in streaming.

VoirFilms falls into the category of the best French streaming sites, with a choice of hundreds, whether for films or series, all in HD version.

What is the address of VoirFilms?

You may come across several addresses, eventually ending up on the VoirFilms streaming site. The correct address is, but it is also possible to go through the address, which will send you back to the initial address.

How does VoirFilms work?

To watch one of the available content, on VoirFilms, there is no need to register or even connect. You can download any movie or series to watch it later offline.

You can browse through the different years to find a movie or series, but you can also make a selection by genre or by player if you have a preference for one of them.

Once the content has been selected you can choose the player again, either because one is no longer functional, or because you have a preference. At the end of your viewing you can leave a comment, while giving an opinion or simply in order to have the answer to ‘one of your questions.

See Movies watch out for clones and fake sites

By doing a simple little research with the keyword voirfilms, you can see that other sites stand out and some look like the original site. Take for example,,

These sites also offer streaming services, but they can be malicious, they may ask you to register, to provide data, this information is usually not necessary.

VoirFilms is it closed? A closure of the planned streaming site?

This streaming site is well available and functional, there is no planned closure. During the summer of 2018 was the victim of a hack, it was down for several hours. This hack called into question the reliability of the site, without causing it to shut down.

See Movies on Android? How to do ?

To access VoirFilms on Android, just go to the site from one of the search engines available on your smartphone. From there, you can watch movies and series at your leisure. To have no problem when viewing it is imperative to have a good internet connection.

In order not to have a bug while playing one of the chosen programs, you can download it from This possibility will allow you to enjoy the film or series and watch it without interruption and at the desired time.

See Movies on Iphone? How to do ?

If you have an iPhone, and you want to watch a movie or series streaming. It’s very simple you have to go to the site from one of the search engines that you will have installed on your mobile to watch.

There are very few mobile streaming apps out there, because the lifespan of such a site is already limited, so this type of platform rarely gets into building a mobile app. The best is to go directly to the platforms’ websites.

The story of VoirFilms

Voirfilms has been online since 2015, there are thousands of films on the platform. In 2017, the platform was hacked, but the issue was resolved within days. After this problem, the French streaming site decided to change its address, to ensure the safety of its various users.

What is streaming and what is actually illegal?

Technically you do not risk anything by watching streaming content, because it is not downloading, it is rather the site that uploads the different videos, because it does not have any copyright from the rights holders .

You can therefore watch your streaming from sites such as the most famous Papystreaming, Papstream and StreamComplet or even formerly StreamiZ, but this involves risks and you are not sure to have a good quality of viewing.

If you don’t want to take any risks, it is better to go through a streaming platform that pays the copyright for uploading the various content. The different sites from which it is possible to watch movies or series in streaming, are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix or OCS.

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