Water fountain – Why is it the essential accessory for your cat this summer?

Choosing to put a water cooler for your cat is the ideal choice for many reasons. A cat is an animal that drinks a lot of water, which is why it should always have something to drink. This need increases during the summer season, with the heat increasing, so it is important to plan with a water fountain.

Prevent dehydration

Cat drinking water

A cat needs to drink an average of 200 ml of water per day to be healthy, which is equivalent to a glass of water for us. This amount will vary depending on its weight, veterinarians indicate that a cat should drink 40 to 60 ml per kilo, its dosage increases as soon as it is hotter.

Knowing that a cat does not drink this amount of water, in one go, it does so throughout the day. This is why it is important for your him to always have water at his disposal. The water fountain is therefore very practical in this sense and significantly reduces the risk of dehydration.

Ideal when you are away

You are not necessarily present every day and all day at home, it may happen that you are absent for personal or professional reasons. In addition your cat will not necessarily drink when you are there and you observe him, he may be thirsty, when he is alone, or in the middle of the night.

He must therefore be able to drink when he wishes and this is possible with a water fountain.

Brewed water, for seine water

Cat drinking water from a bucket

Cat drinking water from a bucket.

As the water is stirred continuously, it does not stagnate like in a classic bowl. In the wild cats do not hesitate to drink in rivers, but tend to recoil when they sense that the water has been there for some time.

In addition to being seine, the water is always fresh, thanks to the water recycling system integrated in most water fountains. Finally, they are equipped with a filter that allows them to catch hair, dust and all the dirt that could land in the water.

Which water fountain should I choose for my cat?

There are many shapes, colors, materials and operation of water coolers, the choice is quite large, but some models are more practical and will suit you more.

Choosing between ceramic and plastic?

Ceramic water fountain

Blue ceramic water fountain.

A ceramic fountain is certainly, healthier and safer for your cat. They are easier to clean because they are dishwasher safe and they are often quieter because ceramic is an insulating material.

In addition, they are often more designer, as you can see with the Miaustore water fountain, you would not have trouble finding a place for it. Very beautiful, it looks like a Zen fountain, which we could put on to relax.

Plastic water fountains are often less expensive, they are shock resistant. Like ceramic fountains, they are dishwasher safe. However, they will wear out more quickly and the lime sticks more easily.

Electric or not?

The best is to choose a water fountain equipped with a system allowing to stir the water thanks to a small motor. This prevents it from stagnating and deteriorating, the cat will not risk getting sick from bad bacteria.

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