Water Sanitation System – How To Choose It Right?

You want to choose a sanitation system but do not yet know which one will be best suited to your needs. Note the choice will not be made at random. There are a number of criteria you should focus on when choosing your sanitation system. Check out some of these criteria.

The ecological alternative in video

Discover the different water purification systems

This is the first criterion on which you must base yourself in choosing the best sanitation system. Indeed, you must know the different types that exist in order to choose the one that will best meet your needs.

So, to know what would be the most suitable, the ideal is to call a professional. With this in mind, you can for example go through assainis-services.com. Furthermore, with regard to the ANC (Non Collective Sanitation) device, it should be noted that there are a total of 4 large families.

  • Traditional channels: these are the best known and most likely to succeed the septic tank. They use the purification power of the soil at which the bacteria are responsible for digesting the materials contained in the wastewater.
  • Compact filters: these replace sand with a filter bed made up of zeolite, coconut, rock wool or other material. The operation is based on the same principle as that of traditional channels.
  • Alternative systems: they have a nice little green side even if the maintenance can prove to be the most restrictive.
  • Small wastewater treatment plants: they have an extremely small footprint on the ground and seem to be the most advantageous in terms of practicality.

What should you look out for when choosing your sanitation system?

Several other criteria come into play to make a good choice of sanitation system. These are important points that will allow you to choose the sanitation system that will be best suited to your needs, your home.

The size of the land

If you have a large plot, you can opt for traditional channels. In the event that you have a small plot of land, the ideal is to opt for the compact die.

The permeability of the land

If the soil of the plot is sufficiently permeable, opt for a sand filter with approved devices.

Treatment needs

Depending on the treatment need, you can choose a traditional die or a compact type device.

The maintenance that will have to be done

It is necessary to be well informed about the maintenance of the sector, in particular the frequency of emptying the sludge, maintenance and annual upkeep, not to mention the replacement of wearing parts or filtration material.

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