Water treatment: How to avoid contamination?

At home, we consume water all the time. Bathroom, kitchen, heating circuit or even air conditioning, we use water on a daily basis. It is therefore important that this water is of good quality. For this, it must be avoided that it stagnates for a long time in the pipes.

​What problems can arise if water stagnates in the pipes?

To keep your installation in good condition, it may be wise touse water treatment methods for cooling towers. This will prevent the problems below from occurring.


Water stagnation in the installation will cause rust and corrosion. This is a big problem for the pipes which, by degrading, will end up contaminating the water. Often this leads to brown or maroon colored water in the house. In other words, the water is no longer of good quality.


Clogging in the pipes is a problem. And the limestone that will be deposited in the water will be even more so. Indeed, the limestone that will be present in the water will cause damage in the house, especially in the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom will become difficult and expensive. The life of the shower and accessories will also be affected.


The degradation of the installations will contaminate the water which will contain harmful microorganisms for the health of the whole family. Bacteria, legionella, it is important to avoid health problems caused by these harmful elements. With a water treatment method identical to that of cooling towers, you will no longer have this problem at home.

​Why protect water resources?

Now that you know how to treat the water in your home to avoid contamination in your home, it is also important to think about protecting water resources. You should know that the use of water impacts the quality of the environments that will receive the discharged water. To prevent possible impacts, it is good to follow good practices.

Medicines and pesticides: Invisible pollution

​How to protect water resources?

Good practices also allow save water. They are easy to set up at home. For example, you can:

  • Take showers, not baths
  • Don’t let the water run
  • Wash your car at a car wash

These are just a few examples to protect water resources.

​How to save water at home?

There are equipment that saves water and therefore reduces the quantities used. You can buy for example:

  • Aerator for taps
  • A double command for the flush
  • Appliances with economy modes

For information, a dripping or leaking tap for just one day is 100 liters of water lost. If the flush is leaking, it can go up to 400 liters for a day. It is therefore important to be vigilant and pay attention to your water consumption at home on a daily basis.

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