Webloyalty: Do you know this e-commerce data expert?

Webloyalty, the monetization and customer engagement solution. A company that allows you to monetize the audience of an e-commerce site. But who are they exactly? What can they do for you for your company? Who are their existing partners? Here you will find all the answers to these questions.

What is the story of Webloyalty?

Webloyalty is a system that allows merchants to monetize with their audience and thus build customer loyalty. It is an advantageous system for the e-trader, but also for the customer to a certain extent.

Indeed, it allows the shops to generate additional income and thus motivate the customer to come back to make purchases on the shop. Turnkey cashback programs are offered to them, so they perfectly meet the purchase intention of their customers.

Webloyalty Panel to measure the evolution of online sales in France

Webloyalty also relies on its resources to send you key information on the evolution of online sales in France at specific times, which helps to give an idea of ​​seasonality and provide periods of increased sales.

The panel is made up of 37 e-shops, which are leaders in their sector, which ranges from home equipment, through fashion and travel. While knowing that the data is processed in real time, the feedback on the result is just as fast. This is essential to have real results, on your store, even the evolution of sales, and thus to put in place strategies to achieve even more sales.

To find out more and set up this program on your e-commerce, go to https://webloyalty-panel.com. You can ask for more information and thus get in touch with one of the members to set it up.

Who are the company’s existing partners?

The partners are numerous and for many, well known to the general public and on whom thousands of purchases are made every day, such as Fnac, Cdiscount, Oui SNCF, but also Darty, Yves Rocher. Shops, but also travel platforms, such as Hotel.com, Booking.com, Expedia.fr.

The possibility of setting up is wide, it works for large groups, it will work on a smaller online store. In addition to offering their services, they have a blog on which many informative studies are available and where it is possible to see what they have already achieved with their partnerships.

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