What are businesses exposed to with a business wifi network?

The term Wifi refers to a wireless internet connection system that allows a company to connect the computers of its employees to a single platform.

The deployment of a wifi network within the premises of a company brings unparalleled comfort to employees. Having internet access available in all the premises is a plus which allows employees to enjoy real well-being in their work.

How does wifi work?

A wifi system works with radio waves which leave the wifi box and go to the connection points (computer, telephone, etc.). Radio waves have a frequency band that can vary between 2.4 and 5GHz depending on the range of the connection points.

Data browsing the network are protected by two security protocols: WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) and WAP (Wifi Protected Access). These encryptions verify information that travels over the network so that external users cannot access it. The authorization and the access code are two elements that must be possessed to have access to the data.

The risks of a business wifi system

The installation of a wifi system in the premises of a company presents risks known to all, there are 3 major ones.

Intrusions on your wifi network

Of course, the wifi waves that are sent to your connection platform propagate outside your company’s premises. If that network is not secure, it presents a royal gateway for network hackers. Any wifi platform within range can attempt to connect to it. The intruder will therefore be able to use the resources of your company’s server. In addition, there is no way to identify the culprit of the intrusion so no prosecution can be launched.

Data confidentiality

During the intrusion of a badly cared person, the data present on the server is vulnerable, it can be seen, read or even deleted. However, for a company, the confidentiality of certain documents is essential, it is then necessary to set up its wifi system in order to give access only to your employees and to leave no chance for intruders to enter illegally on your wifi server.

Attacks and deterioration of the wifi network

In addition to data confidentiality, when the intruder has access to your wifi server, he has the means to damage your entire wifi system. A hell of a mess for a company that will lose all of its data and network security.

Protecting your wifi network is necessary but complex. For a wifi network installation, it is preferable to call on an external company specialized in this field. Thanks to a provider like Bicomm, your wifi network will be secure and updates will be made regularly. The specialist in the deployment of corporate wifi solutions secures your site to avoid all the risks seen previously.

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