What are Little Girls’ Favorite Dolls?

Dolls are one of those toys that have been popular with girls for generations. Today there are models of all kinds for children of all ages. But do you know which ones little girls prefer the most? These are undoubtedly the Enchantimals dolls, the Corollas, the Fashion Monster and the Barbies.

Enchantimals dolls for a magical universe

The models of this collection rank at the top of the favorite creations of our little girls. Developed by the prestigious Mattel brand, the Enchantimals are collections of brightly colored fairy dolls and figurines straight out of a magical universe.

The many characters are distinguished by their fantastic details and their mythical companions that fascinate toddlers. Available in several themes, Enchantimals dolls with unique personalities allow your children to invent great stories and develop their creativity while playing.

Corol dolls to become a real mom

Little girl playing mommy with a corole doll

This is a collection of dolls and infants featuring the features of real infants. They allow your little girl to imagine herself in the skin of a real mother.

By taking care of her baby, she not only learns to love and cuddle, but also to develop her creativity and assert her personality.

In addition, Corolles infants come with a complete selection of accessories (clothes, strollers, interactive toilets, etc.) allowing your child to reproduce while having fun, all the scenes of everyday life.

Fashion Monster for more originality

Other dolls that are all the rage with little girls are the Fashion Monster dolls. A collection of scary looking and wacky dressed fashion dolls.

Focused on fashion, they also have a vast collection of bizarre outfits and accessories that appeal to children.

The Fashion Monster family includes many characters like the romantic Draculaura or the werewolf girl Clawdeen Wolf. But behind their not so monstrous allure, your child discovers characters with human character traits, their charm and their originality.

The always popular Barbies

barbie and ken doll

Let’s end this review of little girls’ favorite dolls with the timeless Barbies dolls. The first mannequin doll created by the Mattel brand in 1959 has continued to evolve over the years breaking sales records.

More than 60 years later, they are still very popular with children and even adults who like to collect them. The collection is now enriched with many characters and new themes always adapted to the needs of children’s games.

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