What are the best classes available at a gym?

Do you want to register in a gym and participate in group lessons? Here is a selection of 7 popular classes regularly offered in the fitness rooms.


This course is very popular. It is found in most gyms, like this Bordeaux gym, and it promises to burn fat fast and build lean muscles. Classes generally last 30 minutes.

During this time, you are supposed to do different exercises by pedaling on a stationary bike while listening to music and listening to the coach’s encouragement.

The body attack

The body attack is a course where you will work on your endurance! It lasts a little less than an hour. The objective is to combine aerobic and athletic exercises by copying a choreography performed by the coach.

It was invented by the Les Mills company and is now used in a majority of sports halls across France.


A zumba class is a mix of dance, music and aerobics. The course includes elements like salsa, merengue, mambo, reggaeton, and hip hop.

A one-hour session will have your hips moving to the beat of Latin music while burning fat and dancing on an exercise mat.

Zumba classes are usually attended by a large majority of women, but men can also try.

The body pump

The body pump is a bodybuilding class designed to develop lean muscles. Members of the class do exercises with light weights such as dumbbells and resistance tubes while following the rhythm of rock music.

This aerobic fitness course is quite popular in France and consists of two phases: during the first phase, you exercise with light weights; then you increase the weight of the dumbbells for the second phase.

The body combat

Body combat is a martial arts-inspired fitness class. During the class, you perform punching and kicking movements while performing resistance training with light weights.

The music is loud and the coach strives to put his students in a fighting state of mind during this very energetic class.

Students are encouraged to work in pairs. This type of group dynamic has been shown to increase motivation and lead to better results.

The step

Step is a type of aerobics where exercises are performed on an elevated platform. Participants climb onto the elevated platform and descend to the beat of the music while following the guidance of an instructor.

This class is more energizing than aerobics because it uses almost every muscle in the body during its one hour duration.

Formerly very popular, this course is less and less present in the rooms, since the members prefer more varied exercises. Nevertheless, the step remains a classic!

The body balance

The body balance is an exercise based on the principles of Tai chi. The goal is to regain balance and strength while moving slowly through the course, which consists mainly of standing positions.

The music and relaxed atmosphere help students feel at ease while practicing various movements such as arm movements, stretching and front-to-back bends.

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