What are the Best Investments to Make for the Year 2021?

After the gloom of last year, 2021 promises to be richer in opportunities for investors. But you still need to be able to find and choose the best financial assets in which to invest and grow your money.

Experts’ analyzes rank cryptocurrencies, private equity, Pinel SCPIs and real estate crowdfunding among the best investment solutions to consider in 2021. Explanation.

Cryptocurrencies, virtual investment

Placed at the top of our ranking, virtual currencies represent a great investment opportunity to be seized this year. Considered the future of global finance, investing in cryptocurrency is a practice that is tending to democratize.

Whether you adopt it as part of a short-term or long-term strategy, investing in cryptocurrency should necessarily be part of a logic of diversifying your portfolio of assets. Indeed, it represents a new asset class that stands out for its performance far superior to traditional assets, albeit highly volatile.

For a first investment, it is generally recommended to favor stablecoins. As well as the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple which enjoy a high capitalization.

Private equity, investment for companies

Also referred to as Private Equity, it is a particularly profitable investment model which is unfortunately still little known to the general public. No doubt because of its relatively high entrance tickets.

In fact, most private equity investments are accessible from € 150,000, which makes it a priori an asset class for the wealthy. Private equity is more like a financing lever for the companies it helps promote. Its operating principle is relatively simple.

As an investor, you will take holdings intended to finance the main activities of an unlisted company. You will then perceive a capital gain after 5 to 8 years on the fruits generated by the invested capital. Investments can be made in the form of shares, bonds or debt, by means of privileged vehicles such as FCPRs or FPCIs.

SCPI, real estate investment under Pinel law

SCPIs rank at the top of the list of real estate investments. With a rate of return of more than 4% and risk pooling, the SCPI allows you to benefit from the advantages of a rental investment under delegated management.

In addition, they are made particularly attractive with the tax exemption reforms brought by the Pinel device from which it benefits. Basically with a real estate investment in SCPI Pinel, you benefit from both an investment that is potentially profitable and tax-optimized.

Real estate crowdfunding, for expected returns

A last investment idea and not the least that is offered to you in the real estate segment is Crowdfunding. Opting for this solution basically amounts to investing in an advantageous product offering an annual yield of 8 to 10%, with a relatively accessible entry ticket (from 1000 €) and block funds over only 1 to 2 years.

Despite the many advantages it can have, this form of investment carried out through crowdfunding is not without its risks. You will therefore have to choose your real estate projects carefully on crowdfunding platforms.

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