What are the Best Questions and Challenges to Ask During Truth and Dare?

Playing Truth and Dare is a fun way to get to know your loved ones. However, to avoid embarrassment and keep the mood relaxed, it’s important to ask the right questions and come up with simple challenges.

Find here all our tips to find challenges and original questions for your Truth and Dare games sessions with family, friends or with your significant other.

The questions will depend on who you are in front of you

That’s the key to the game: asking questions based on who you’re playing with and how you relate to them.

If it’s a family party, don’t go into privacy

It is well known: the family is not indicated to know a certain degree of your intimacy. Who knows, maybe that’s why the friendship exists. With the family, it is better to avoid intimate questions and to maintain a certain level of modesty. Ask questions and challenges that would reveal a hidden point about a limb, but that don’t hurt.

For example, you can ask your caddy when was the last time he cleaned his room, what first name he would have liked to have, or ask him to recite the multiplication table by 7.

If it’s between friends, don’t hesitate to ask surprising but not hurtful questions

Between friends, it is a little wider, or even at all is allowed. Finally, it all also depends on your degree of friendship with X or Y. Here, you can approach the intimate side, but still remaining broad and not too inclusive. We all know that this is what makes this moment with friends crisp.

For example, to a friend, you can ask questions about his / her relations, her secret loves and to a lesser extent about her virginity. The boys don’t talk much, so offer more challenges like kissing a girl, dancing in front of the group, etc.

If it’s a couple party, there is no limit, you can tell each other everything

In a Relationship, Truth and Truth is really allowed at all, so feel free and do not restrain your ardor. We’re not supposed to hide anything in love, right? Facing your sweetheart, once the basics are well established, this is the perfect opportunity to surf in your romantic or family past.

However, take it slowly, for fear of awakening some love wounds. In short, listen carefully to what your partner is saying to you and you will know his tone and his gestures if he wants to continue talking about it. Gender issues when did you lose your virginity?, have you ever lied to me?, what are your fantasies?, are the most common.

For actions, favor actions which are funny, but which do not hurt

Friends happy to meet again

Keep in mind that Truth and Dare is a fun way to discover (more) your loved ones, so the atmosphere should always be friendly and fun. Poorly chosen actions can have the opposite effect and injure or even frustrate players: suddenly, the game will be wasted!

That is why we advise you to favor truths and actions which are funny and sometimes a little silly, but which will allow the other to reveal themselves without embarrassment and in an honest way.

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