What are the Best Solutions for Getting to Paris from Buc?

When you borrow a means of transport, it must ensure a certain comfort while being in conformity with your requirements. If you want to go to Paris from Buc, several means of transport are available to you.

These reliable and secure means will allow you to reach your destination with peace of mind. What then are the best solutions for traveling the 28 kilometers that separate Buc from Paris.

Book a taxi for comfort and ease.

To ensure your comfort during the trip from Buc to Paris, a taxi is probably the best option. It is the ideal way if you have luggage or if the public transport does not meet your comfort requirements. The taxi in Buc assures you a quality service.

Quick, the taxi will pick you up at the desired point. Thanks to their knowledge of shortcuts, taxi drivers avoid dense traffic without committing the slightest break-in. This will ensure that you get to your appointments on time.

Taxi travel is more convenient, especially if you want to make stops between Buc and Paris. You don’t need to pay for parking or have your car kept.

Several taxi rental agencies are available to offer their services. For a one-way ticket from Buc to Paris, for example, you will have to pay between 52.94 euros and 70.58 euros.

Take the RER for the frequency of passage

RER station parked in Paris

If you travel very often between Buc and Paris then the Regional Express Network (RER) is the means best suited to your needs. Indeed, the RER has a wide range of action. Also, note that the RER fares vary depending on the distance you travel.

In addition, remember that in the city of Paris, it works like the metro with a few differences.

  • A single RER line can go in several directions.
  • The RER makes fewer stops than the metro.
  • the RER is about three times faster than the metro.

To take the RER from Buc you have to take the RER C at Versailles Rive Gauche station (Château), before that you will need to take bus 261 or 262 or 264.

Take a bus to enjoy the scenery

Couple sitting in a bus

Undoubtedly the bus remains one of the most widely used means of public transport. The comfort on the buses is constantly being improved in order to offer a better quality of travel.

Although it is not necessarily the fastest way to travel, the bus has three clear advantages.

First, the bus is a safe means of travel. Compared to other means of transport, the bus has the lowest accident rate. Then the bus allows you to meet new people. Indeed, you can chat with other travelers during the trip. Finally, the bus trip is very economical.

In addition to these three advantages, when traveling by bus, you can focus on the scenery at your leisure. By enjoying the spectacle that nature offers, you will not see the time pass. You will not have to drive, and you will be able to enjoy rest during the journey.

Several bus lines stop near Buc. These are the lines 260, 261, 262, 264, 307. The journey from Buc to Paris, by bus, is approximately 31 minutes.

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