What are the best web messagaries?

The use of web messaging has become an essential daily tool. It intervenes in our private life as well as in the professional field. However, to opt for an email, certain criteria must be taken into account.

In order to help you make the best choice, we present to you the best web messaging.


Web messaging Gmail of Google is certainly no longer to present. Launched in 2004, it has become a market staple due to its many features. It may be the easiest to manage.

Indeed, it offers users functionalities as well as a ergonomic and clear interface. This web messaging has the advantage of being accessible on any Android, Smartphone and Computer. It offers you a spam filter which blocks the passage of all unwanted emails. Its storage space is 15 GB. In addition to that, you will have no difficulty in import contacts from another account to Gmail.


Although not as popular as Gmail, Zoho mail ideal for professionals as well as individuals. It is above all a mailbox which promotes teamwork much appreciated by companies. Using instant messaging, you can initiate group conversations, like and tag people in your posts.

The simplicity of Zoho mail’s interface makes it easy to use and above all well organized. You also benefit from a level security service. Its access to the Cloud allows you to use Office suite and Google Doc. You have in total on Zoho mail 10 GB of space is 5 GB storage and 5 GB for documents.

Microsoft Outlook

It was made available by Microsoft when the Office suite. However, Microsoft Outlook is a MSN Hotmail version created since 1996. As a result, it offers the basic functions of Hotmail. In addition, you have from the agenda and contact part as well as the material necessary for the classification and organization of files.

Apart from that, the Outlook mailbox is synchronized with One Drive as well as other applications. These various innovations raise the level of Microsoft Outlook and make it the main competitor of Gmail.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail now has one presentation at a time modern and interesting. Indeed, it is possible to import other accounts and quite large messages up to 1 TB of storage. On Yahoo Mail, you have the option of dividing your messages into 7 parts.

Among others the unread, message followed with star, person, shopping, finance, travel and social. For more seduction, the search tool has undergone some improvements which now allow you to search all the words of the message, attachments, title and contacts.

Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud is a webmail specific to Apple devices. However, the web version is not quite as interesting as the mobile version. Sure an iPad or iPhone, Apple iCloud is a web messaging package that includes the Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. On the other hand, on the web version, you only have access to iCloud emails. You benefit from several features that allow you to manage your contacts. He offers 5 GB of storage space.

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