What are the Essentials for Creating a Toy City?

Undertaking the creation of a city is a fascinating and stimulating activity for your child who discovers the pleasure of building.

That said, before he starts, a little reminder of the main essential elements to include in his toy city is a good idea to carry out his project. These include the car garage, constructions, characters to bring life to the city, as well as decor elements.

Focus on these essentials to help your child create their own miniature city.

A car garage

The car garage is a capital element for a city in which vehicles circulate. It is indeed the place where all the cars of the city can be stored, maintained and repaired as needed. It therefore acts as a parking lot and a place of repair.

Depending on the size of your child’s town and the model chosen, the car garage will be more or less complete with several areas and equipment or accessories like in a real garage. Including a gas station area, a repair station with all the necessary tools, a car wash, an elevator, a helipad, etc.

There are different garage models for different age groups and budgets. Between block, modular and electronic garage models, in plastic or wood, you will not fail to find the car garage to complete your child’s city.

Lego constructions

Then you have to think about the constructions that will form the architecture of the city your child wants to build. Concretely, this is the basic infrastructure and services housed in small and large towns.

In particular buildings and houses for the inhabitants of the city, a hospital to treat them, a fire station to put out fires. As well as a gendarmerie barracks or police station to bring order and ensure security in the city as well as a school and a park for children.

For their realization, we favor Lego pieces and bricks because of their ease of assembly by the child. He will be able to carry out the constructions of his city by simply fitting the pieces together.

Characters to give life

Unless he has opted for a desert town scenario, the characters are essential. They make it possible to animate and bring to life the beautiful city imagined by your child.

It would then be necessary to find the miniature figurines representing different urban characters, in the various constructions arranged within the city.

Characters of schoolchildren with a teacher, children playing with park accessories for example, but also figurines of firefighters, gendarmes or police, etc.

Decorative elements

One last essential thing to complete the creation of your child’s toy city and make it operational are the decorative elements. They will give the city allure and beautify it.

The choice of decorations can be made according to the theme of the city (modern, futuristic, ecological…). He will be able to add roads, signage, train passage, miniature trees and green spaces among others.

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