What are the essentials when going on a hike?

From the moment you decide to go hiking, you have to provide the right accessories in your backpack. These walks can last several hours, so you must plan to hydrate, regain energy and protect yourself.

Adapted walking shoes

The big mistake is to believe that it is possible to go hiking, with classic sneakers or any other type of shoe. It is absolutely necessary to put on suitable shoes, they must have a notched sole so that they do not slip and that they hold your ankle well.

Shoes that are suitable for walking are one thing, but they also need to be adapted to your feet so as not to injure you. You will therefore have to try them on so that they correspond to your size. In order to avoid blisters, it is also advisable to put them on several times before the walk.

Plan to change if necessary

You might want to change, if you’ve been sweating, feel free to grab a spare. But it is also good to bring something warm if the temperature ever drops and waterproof in case of rain.

Today, there are many clothes suitable for the conditions encountered while hiking. The creators use technologies allowing different textiles to allow your body to breathe without keeping perspiration, or to keep you warm when needed and vice versa in the event of strong heat.

Have enough to hydrate and eat on the way

The essential thing is to plan, to eat and to stay hydrated throughout your walk. The easiest way is to have an insulated water bottle, you can find it everywhere, but you have a wide choice on the Shop ta Gourde store. By choosing an insulated bottle, in addition to taking care of yourself, you respect the environment.

As for food, plan a picnic if needed, but also something to regain energy, with cereal bars for example. A little dried fruit is also very practical and nourishing, ideal for regaining strength and recovering the energy expended.

A first aid kit with some essentials

Provide a small first aid kit with a few items such as dressings, disinfectant, a few bands if necessary. An accident quickly happened, but also a small collision, on branches.

To prevent it from becoming infected, you have to act quickly, so it’s good to have everything you need directly with you. This kit must consist of the following elements:

  • Elastoplast, to facilitate healing
  • Very effective “double skin” in relieving blisters
  • An analgesic, in case of pain or headaches
  • A mosquito repellent depending on the location and climate where the hike takes place
  • If you were sweating treatment, consider taking your medicine
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