What are the most beautiful girl and boy names in 2020?

The choice of first name is a very important stage in the life of any parent. According to several psychoanalysts, the first name has a considerable impact on personality of the child. It is therefore important to choose it with special attention. Are you looking for an original baptismal name to assign to your treasure? Here is a selection of most beautiful names girls and boys in 2020.

The best girl names

Here are the strong 2020 trends that might inspire you in choosing a first name to give your daughter.


Emma has been the most popular little name in France for about fifteen years. It is a feminine proper name with a double origin. Emma may be a derivative of the Germanic given name Imma or a diminutive of Emmanuelle which means ” God is with us “.


Jade is a baptismal name inspired by a green semi-precious stone. It derives from the Spanish Ijada which means ” Flank stone “. Just like names relating to a gemstone, Jade is celebrated on June 29. It is the day of Saint Paul apostle of Jesus.


Louise is a French given name coming from the Germanic term Hlodowig. The latter has a double meaning. It can in fact designate glory (hlod) or again the fight (dowig). On March 15, we celebrate the “Louise” in homage to Saint Louise de Marillac, a disciple of Saint Vincent de Paul.


Alice climbs every year inthe top 10 of the first names most attributed to girls in France. He owes hisorigin with the Germanic surname Adalhaid whose root Adal means ” Noble»And the suffix Haid means ” line “. The Alices are celebrated on December 16 in memory of Saint Adelaide of Burgundy.


Chloé is a very common appellation in France and England. It is a feminine given name of origin Greek(Khlóê). It translates to ” Green herb“,” Emerging greenery” or ” young shoot“. In antiquity, this name was attributed to the goddess of the harvest Demeter . Chloe’s birthday is October 5.


Lina originates from Latin Linum which means ” Linen “. Quoted in the Koran, this little name refers to a young palm treewhich gives tender dates.


Rose comes from the common Latin name “Rosa” which meansthe Rose. Flower of Venus among the Romans, this first name embodiesbeauty and love.


Of Hebrew origin ( Le’ah ), this first name has several meanings. It can designate the “gazelle” or “wild cow“. People with this first name are celebrated on March 22.


Anna is from Hebrew Hannah which means “Grace“. It is a small Breton and Celtic style name that is enjoying unprecedented popularity in France. In French, this first name represents avariant of Anne.


Mila comes from the Slavic first name Milenawhich means “loved by the people“. This baptismal name is relatively recent. Mila is celebrated on September 16 in homage to Saint Ludmilla.

The best boy names

Little boy sitting facing a wall

Here is an overview ofmost beautiful boy names.


Gabriel is a given name that derives from the Hebrew terms template , gabriand El . It translates to “God is my strength“.


Raphael is a Hebrew given name. It is composed of Rapha which means “cure“, and of El resulting in “GodRaphaël embodies protection and benevolence.


Leo comes from Latin leo which means “Lion“. Leo is the symbol of recklessness and strength. It is celebrated on November 10, a date attached to Leo I, who was pope and doctor of the Roman Church.


As with its female equivalent “Louise”, Louis is a first name with rootsgermanic. It has the same meanings as the latter.


Lucas comes from Latin lux resulting in “light“. This first name is undoubtedly an old form of Luke or Saint-Luke still called Luke the Evangelist.


Adam is a very old surname. It is taken from Hebrew Adamah which means “made of red earth“.


Arthur originates from the Breton surname Arzhurwhich means “Bear” inCeltic. This first name refers to the image of the famous king of the Bretons, one of the most famous knights of the Round Table.


Jules comes from latinJulius , a name attached to a large family in Rome. This first name also translates to “descendant of Jupiter“. The Jules are celebrated on April 12 in homage to Pope Julius I.


Hugo is a first name whose origin refers togermanic termHugwhich means “Clever“. Hugo is celebrated on April 1 to honor the memory of Saint Hugues, a former bishop of Grenoble.


Maël is an old first nameof Breton originresulting in “Prince” or “chief“. This is a very common baptismal name in France for ten years.

Here ! You now have an idea of ​​the most beautiful names for girls and boys. The importance of a first name does not come only from its meaning. It is also the context of the birth of your child. Do not hesitate to consult this guide in order to select the one that best suits your expectations.

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