What are the most beautiful sports arenas to see once in a lifetime?

Do you want to mix tourism and your passion for sport? Discover the most beautiful sports arenas in the world.

Here is a selection, far from being exhaustive, of places dedicated to sport to discover once in a lifetime.

The Maracana stadium

The Maracana is perhaps the most legendary football stadium in the world. Located in Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro, it is not only the preferred theater of play for Brazilians, the population which is the most passionate about football.

The Maracana is also a stadium which gathered up to 220,000 spectators in the 1950s. Imagine the mass of people!

Today, the stadium has been reduced to around 75,000 seats, but it forms a real arena and the architecture is suitable for a good distribution of the noise made by the supporters.

The Camp Nou

Camp Nou is the home stadium of FC Barcelona and serves as the largest stadium in Europe. It can accommodate nearly 100,000 supporters, a gigantic gauge that Barça effortlessly achieves in many matches.

This is relatively normal since Barcelona is a tourist paradise (many travel sites recommend visiting the city) and has a great football team.

There is only part of the stadium covered by a roof. Consider this if you are booking a time when it rains a lot.

Madison Square Garden

Let’s leave the world of football for the famous New York performance hall. As in many American cities, the configuration of the room is flexible and adapts to the sport on display.

Thus, the Madison, in addition to concerts, receives NBA games from the Knicks and NHL (ice hockey) games from the Rangers.

Madison Square Garden has a very small capacity compared to the size of New York City as it can accommodate 18,000 people for hockey and 19,000 for basketball.

However, having completely entered the hearts of the city’s inhabitants, it has become legendary and debates over the possibility of replacing it often end with a status quo. For traveling tourists, you sometimes have to shell out large sums of money in the resale market to find available seats.

Roland Garros

Team sports are not the only ones to offer magnificent sports venues. If the English have Wimbledon, the French have Roland Garros.

This Grand Slam tennis tournament is like no other. He is adored by all the players in the world. Its last edition in 2019 was the 128th.

The clay provides matches that can last for hours and has forged the tournament’s reputation. In addition, in the somewhat bourgeois setting of tennis, a tournament in Paris can only be well seen by the public who like to see a match before going to discover more of the Parisian capital.

In recent years, a roof has been added to the center court. Comfort is now at its peak for spectators and players who no longer suffer from wind or weather. Additional courses like the Suzanne-Lenglen are also of high quality.

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