What are the Most Popular Sports in the World?

Sport is practiced all over the world. While some take it for a hobby, many professionals do not take it for a career. Over time, several games have become very popular and in demand. So what are the most popular sports in the world?

Football – A universal sport

The Soccer is arguably the most popular sport in the world. With nearly four billion enthusiasts, it is clear that a very large part of the (world) population is interested in this discipline. It is one of the most influential sports.

It must be said that China is one of the first countries to have known football since the second century. Other countries like Japan and Greece are also among the first countries to have played round leather.

Moreover, modern football started in England before spreading to many other countries around the world. Today, it is practiced much more on the American and European continent.

Cricket – The sport with many origins

Cricketer on a ground

The cricket is also a popular sport which has several origins. Indeed, he has to his credit a large number of fans spread mainly within the nations formerly part of the British Empire as well as in the United Kingdom. England was the birthplace of Cricket in the 16th century before it became a national sport in the 18th century.

It was about a clash between two teams each made up of 11 players. The winning team is the one that scores the maximum points. Cricket is now widely practiced in countries such as Australia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Field Hockey – The adapted ice sport

Field Hockey Player

The Field hockey is a sport as well known as its predecessors. It is an adapted form of ice hockey. Its two billion followers are mainly distributed on the European, African and Asian continent.

The sport is also played in Australia. It should be noted that contemporary hockey was born in 1800 in England. This sport is similar to football. The main difference is the fact that Field Hockey is played with a stick and not with the feet. In Pakistan, Australia and India, the sport is very popular.

Tennis – The sport that has the right to big tournaments

Tennis racket on clay court

The tennis is played all over the world with nearly a billion spectators. Many emblematic tennis tournaments are also organized each year (Roland Garros, Wimbledon Tournament, US Open). Before the birth of modern tennis in France, there were several versions of this discipline.

The latter were practiced by the Romans, the Greeks, as well as the Egyptians. From France, the sport spread throughout Europe before spreading throughout the world. Tennis is played alone or in teams. The goal is to get the ball over a net using a racquet.

Volleyball – A sport that is under-represented

Volleyball player holding a ball in front of a court

Volleyball, compared to previous sports, is not very represented. It has indeed nearly 900,000 million fans. Its influence extends mainly to America (North) and Europe (Western). This discipline has undergone significant evolution over the years.

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