What are the most popular types of flute in music schools?

To make music, it’s important to have the right instruments for the rhythm and style you want to do. A flute, for example, is a tool that allows musicians to output different kinds of rather high-pitched sounds.

What are the different types?

The piccolo flute

This instrument is still called the small flute because of its size which is around 30 cm, half the size of a conventional flute. It is made up of two sections, namely the head and the body, which allow it to produce a particular sound. This flute is considered the smallest instrument in an orchestra and is available in wood, resin, silver, or gold.

With this instrument you have the possibility to have higher octave sounds like with the great flute. You can use it for accompaniment, but also solo, it occupies an important place in several styles of music.

The transverse flute

This flute is also called: the large flute because of its size which is between 60 and 67 cm. You can use it to play about 3 octaves from the do serious. It lets out a sound that can be hot, cold, sad, happy, etc. The transverse flute can be used for orchestral accompaniment and for a solo presentation.

It should be noted that this musical instrument has undergone several modifications over the years. This allows him to come out with clean sounds.

Pan’s flute

It is made up of several sound pipes that have been put together. In the musical field, you can have a wide range of this flute according to your needs. However, all the different shapes of this flute all derive from the same archetype: reeds or bamboos of different lengths put together. You can have it in metal, clay or wood and each material allows you to have a different sound.

This flute can be used for poetry or other teaching. The name syrinx, which is conferred on it, refers to its Greco-Latin mythological origin especially to the god Pan. We can visit certain specialized sites for you to see or choose the pan flute that suits you.

The bass flute

The bass flute is recognizable by its length which exceeds that of the large flute. In addition, its mouthpiece is curved, which allows the player to reach the different notes that make up his instrument. It also allows the musician to have a good positioning to facilitate a good playing. This instrument allows to have a more serious and deep sound than all the other flutes that you know.

The bass flute can be used to accompany a flute ensemble or a Jazz band. Note that this instrument sounds one octave below the normal flute. There are now several other flutes that have been made from this one. The latter are among others the great bass flute, the contrabass flute and the great contrabass flute.

So you have different types of flutes that you can find in a music school.

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