What are the P2P Platforms?

Crowdfunding is growing in popularity and P2P platforms are multiplying to the point that it is becoming relatively complicated to know which ones to trust.

Of course, not all are created equal and you certainly won’t invest your money in the first platform you visit without carefully considering its credibility, features and benefits. We reveal to you the list of the best P2P lending platforms.

Mintos, the best in Europe

Founded in 2015, Mintos is considered the largest European P2P lending platform. With more than 20 loan originators, the platform operates in more than 70 countries around the world.

Its varied loan range includes personal loans, crowdlending, agricultural loans, short-term loans, etc. Investors benefit from a money-back guarantee and a self-investment guarantee

Cashare, leader in Switzerland and Europe

Cashare is one of the leaders in the equity loan market in Switzerland and Europe. It offers attractive investment opportunities for investors and flexible loan terms for borrowers. Business loans, personal loans and home loans are the three categories of loans that can be obtained through this platform.

Bondora, the patriarch

Founded in 2008, it is one of the oldest P2P lending platforms. It has more than 157,935 investors, with a financial capitalization of more than 417 million euros and 51 million in paid-out earnings.

The Go & Grow savings system set up by the platform allows you to finance consumer loans and obtain an average return of more than 6.75%.

Funding circle, the English

British-born Funding Circle is making crowdlending giants. Business loans and commercial loans fall under its specialty, with more than 100,000 companies already funded for a total of £ 11.5 billion. Borrowers can get up to £ 50,000-500,000 at relatively low rates of 1.8-7.4% per annum.

October, the little French girl

With more than 400 million euros in negotiated loans and more than 14,000 funders to its credit, this French platform has established itself as a benchmark among crowdfunding platforms. She specializes in business loans. The minimum investment is set at € 20, the interest rates are around 10% and the average annual yield is 5.79%.

Crowdestate, a benchmark for real estate investment

Crowdstate is a reference for people wishing to invest in real estate with fairly attractive rates of return. Projects submitted to investors are pre-checked and can be automated with the functionality of Autoinvest. You can grant loans from € 100 minimum at rates between 10 to 15.16% that can be amortized over a maximum period of 5 years.

Fastinvest, a good return

The platform is based in the United Kingdom, but being its lending activities to European international investors more specifically. Fastinvest makes it possible to obtain consumer loans with relatively high borrowing rates (9 to 16%). You can invest a minimum of € 1 for an average annual return of 14% and benefit from a buyback and self-investment guarantee.

Estateguru, diversification

Another Anglo-Saxon platform that excels in peer to peer is the Estateguru site. The types of loans granted are of various types: short-term mortgage loans, development loans or refinancing. All are secured by a mortgage and subject to complex risk analyzes.

You can invest in projects that interest you from 50 € and expect an average return of 11.45%.

PeerBerry, the youngest

Founded in 2017, PeerBerry is a very recent P2P lending platform that shows a fairly impressive level of development.

It specializes in consumer lending with more than 3000 investors registered on its platform. The average annual return here is estimated at 11.42% for a minimum investment of € 10 with an auto-invest feature and a buy-back guarantee.

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