What Are the Requirements for Using a Pulsed Light Epilator?

The use of pulsed light represents the new technique that is proving effective for long-lasting hair removal. The mode of operation of this type of epilator is quite simple. The device sends out a flash of light that produces intense heat to destroy the hair root. However, its use requires a certain number of conditions which should be observed for greater efficiency. Focus!

Some recommendations before using pulsed light hair removal?

To begin with, it should be noted that this method of hair removal is not reserved for all periods. The best time to use a pulsed light epilator is winter. Also, dermatologists recommend avoiding tanning 1 month before and 3 weeks after treatment.

Before your pulsed light hair removal session, it is recommended to shave the area to be treated a few days in advance. In doing so, the heat of the light can easily reach the hair bulb during the treatment. In addition, it is recommended to set the epilator to a lower mode for safe use and to avoid burns.

What are the contraindications for using this type of epilator?

The use of this device is not recommended for epilating children and adolescents. The age required to use the pulsed light epilator is 20 years to ensure that the hair is mature.

In addition, this type of device is also prohibited in nursing women, pregnant women and diabetics. People taking medications such as photosensitizers, antibiotics, or anticoagulants should avoid using this device.

Apart from these cases, the pulsed light epilator is not recommended for people with tanned, dark and too dark skin. Avoid applying this type of epilator to tattoos, moles, or near the eyes. Never attempt to epilate down with this device, especially the face. The light only heats the down and risks turning it into thick black hair.

Trust the reviews to find the best epilator

Choosing a better epilator is usually not a piece of cake, as there are a variety of models that are marketed in the market. To be sure that you are acquiring a quality device that can be truly effective, the ideal solution is to rely on the opinions of users.

On the sites, customers do not hesitate to give their opinion on the effectiveness of the products. In addition, we advise you to give preference to reputable and well-known brand depilatory devices. Make sure they meet French or European standards.

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